When Crane Games Eat Children

This isn't a first. But three year-old Tyler ended up inside a crane game in Sydney when the tyke climbed up the chute, hoping to snag a stuffed tiger.

"Tyler was saying, 'Can I have a tiger?' I said, 'No, I don't have any coins,'" his mother, Catherine Bussier, told the Parramatta Advertiser. After momentarily turning her back on Tyler, she saw her son's legs go up the chute.

"He wasn't distressed at all. I think he was very happy in a sea of toys," said Bussier. "I just thought, 'I hope he's able to breathe in there.'"

After thirty minutes, Tyler was finally freed and even got the tiger he wanted. According to his mum, "He's still got it and he sleeps with it every night."

VIDEO: Tyler takes hold of tiger's tail and climbs in toy machine [Parramatta Advertiser]


    Saw this on the news the other day. I still don't get why they needed the fire brigade etc to get him out. Couldn't his mum just put her $2 in and get him out with the claw?

      Haha those weak ass claws can barely get out a soft toy nevermind a kid ! ;D

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