When Duke Nukem Forever Advertising Goes Horribly Wrong

This has nothing to do with Duke Nukem Forever the game, but it's still a sad tale as far as game advertising goes.

While some titles have caught flak in recent years for appearing on things like buses, we've never seen one turn up in such an inappropriate place.

This billboard, advertising the decidedly adult DNF and complete with censored cursing, appeared right next door to a Baptist Church in Venice, Los Angeles. Worse still, out of shot but directly across the street is Westminster Elementary School, which only runs from kindergarten to the fifth grade.

Thankfully, after City Councilman Bill Rosendahl contacted the billboard's operator Lamar Advertising and let them know he'd received complaints, it was taken down.

Blood, Gore, Sex and Violence: Video Game Ads For School Kids [BanBillBoardBlight]

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    I'm not sure advertisers care about people who choose to believe in an imaginary entity.

      ... huh... oh! Oh! I get it! It's a wry statement on the fact you don't believe in God! Aahahahahahahaaa! Oh, wow... wait, wait, my sides... hoo.

      Man, that's /amazing/! Did you think of that all by yourself? I can't believe I've never seen someone post such a pithy quip about faith before!

      You should really consider stand up. Or maybe journalism. Some kind of professional opinion-giving, certainly.

      I bow to you, sir. I bow to you.

        Hey, hey, Ojin, let the guy get a word in, I'm sure he's simply bursting with more witticisms. Let the man speak!

        Go ahead Ezkaton. Perhaps you'd like to make a remark about politics next?

        Well played. Tip of the hat to you, sir.

        Actually I think it's a clever statement on that fact that others choose to engage in delusions.

          You, sir, need to learn the difference between a delusion and a belief, no matter how incorrect that belief may be.

          And people call religious people bigoted.

        I wonder if one day Harry Potter fans will just be as defensive when people quip about there being no hippogriffs

          I honestly don't much mind of someone chooses to believe in God, Mohammed, Budha, to be a staunch Atheist, whatever: that's really not my decision to make for them. I /would/ appreciate it if Atheists got a new script, though.

          Like, hell, your Hippogriff comment. Same basic idea behind it, but that was at least a little bit funnier than the usual tired lines. ;p

            But don't you think you're being a bit hypocritical when you say your tolerant of others beliefs but then turn around and berate someone for not believing in god?

              We are dangerously close to a situation where Duke Nukem has inspired a serious discussion on religion, this is getting weird!

                I'd hoped the point was self-evident from my comment to MarkD, but I'm not berating Ezkaton for not believing in God. He can believe or not as far as I'm concerned.

                What I'm berating him for is a near-rote repetition of overused arguments without any wit or originality. If I has $1 for every time I'd seen someone making a comment about "imaginary beings", "magical sky wizards" or words to that effect, I'd have enough to pay for every game I want to buy this year.

                Part of the reason I take umbrage at him doing it actually stems from a kind of hypocrisy - It seems nonsensical for someone to try to push me down the path to what is presented as 'free thought' by spouting rote phrases at me.

                But mostly I'd just like to see some kind of new phrasing to the concept. Like I said, I have no real issue with MarkD's Hippogriff gag. Same basic idea, sure, but at least spun a little and with some humor behind it that shows he's not just vomited up the same damn buzzwords all over again.

                  Hey Ezkaton, promise to use new phrasing when they promise to release a bible reboot. :P

                  Atheism doesn't actually need any wit or originally in its statements because its not trying to prove anything. Don't you think complaining about someone using 'near-rote repetition' is a bit of a dangerous argument for a religious person? :D

                  Seems to me you're going a bit over the top for two words. Too bad he doesn't have access to your obviously amazing vocabulary, Hero.

                  Welcome to the internet, where memes are a lauded form of expression and opinions are plentiful and cheap.
                  Do yourself a favor and try not to get too uptight next time you feel you're confronted by unoriginality.

      Maybe since they are advertising an imaginary entity, they figured there would be some common ground.

    Of course the replacement was an advert for shoes but worn by 2 semi naked women.But that's ok. I actually think the DNF billboard is tame and in comparison to what I see every day on my way into work.

    ...but why would you want to f♥ck a gun?

      yeah, a bit of a lost in translation.

    Oh snap!

    It goes to show one should be aware of the surroundings.

    I've seen FAR worse innuendo's on actual church billboards wtf. Forcing it to be taken down is pretty ridiculous.

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