When EA And Insomniac Collide You Get Overstrike

When EA And Insomniac Collide You Get Overstrike

Set to debut any minute now at EA’s E3 2011 press conference, the developer of Ratchet & Clank and the Resistance games is taking their next big thing multiplatform, and this is it. This is Overstrike.

What is Overstrike? Let’s not steal too much thunder from the press conference and give you the short and sweet official description that came with the video.

Set in the near-future, Overstrike follows a team of four elite agents (Overstrike 9) obliterating enemy strongholds using fringe-tech gadgets and lethal teamwork. Overstrike 9 is comprised of a reformed mercenary, a lifelong mischievous thief, a gifted but rebellious young scientist and a decorated detective…with a bit of a temper. Collectively, they’re the misfits – the black sheep their own agency tries to ignore. But a shadowy organisation threatens to wipe out humankind. Thanks to each agent’s unique talents and a tendency to completely ignore protocol – Overstrike 9 is the only option left. Overstrike blends developer Insomniac Games’ flair for exotic weaponry and immersive storytelling with a touch of humor.

It’s got spunk. I admire that in a game. Stay tuned for more!


  • Where have I seen that metallic explosive gel before?

    So long as Insominiac’s weapon design team are still well fed I have hopes for this.

  • They should forget making a game and just make a movie. That trailer has summer blockbuster written all over it.

  • ok that looks awesome, looks like they took everything great from team fortress 2 and classic secret agent movies but before we get too excited, lets see how it plays first

  • I have no clue what the game will be like or even if it’ll be any good but…damn! That’s how you create a great tone for a game.

  • Is this running valves engine? or is it a render done by the same people who did TF2. Also it looks pretty awesome if they keep up with the wit.

  • Its sorta like;
    EA were all, “we need to do something new now that Mass Effect’s over, how about a project with Insomniac?”
    and Insomniac were all, “Yeah, sure man, thats cool, btw, have you seen The Incredibles???”

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