When Plastic Skirts Makes Plastic Butts Pretty?

Figure maker Max Factory showed off its upcoming Figma figurine of Manaka Takane from Konami's love simulator Love Plus. That figure shows off something else, apparently.

Website Akiba Hobby took snaps of the figure as well as the placard that pointed out: "Notice the skirt and the beauty of her tush." Noted! Though, I don't really see what they're getting at...

Priced at ¥3200 ($40), the Manaka figure, her skirt and ambiguous arse line will go on sale this September in Japan.

爽やかな夏服姿「figma ラブプラス+ 高嶺愛花」合同展示会・サンプル [アキバHOBBY]


    No upskirt shots? What a disappointment.

    That is avery misleading headline.
    Son, I am disappoint.

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