When Turtles Fly

There are countless mobile games that has players try to jump or fly as high as they can. Turtle Fly does that, but there's a twist. A really interesting one.

When I first started up Turtle Fly, I almost immediately turned it off, put the game down, and walked. The story, if you can call it that, makes absolutely no sense! There's a professor who thinks that if humans can fly so can turtles. The in-game wording: "If turtle can fly, so does human." Bwah?

There are a bunch of title screens to toggle through when the game first boots up - pretty annoying. And when I started, the controls were spaghetti, and it wasn't very fun.

You control a rocket-powered turtle. There is a button on the bottom right to fire the rocket. You only have a certain amount of rocket fuel, so you must try to gauge it. There are right and left arrows on the bottom left, which allow you to move the turtle to the right and left.

But I stuck it out, and the more you play the game, the more interesting it gets.

See Turtle Fly isn't just Doodle Jump with rockets. You must level up your turtle by earning in-game cash with each rocket flight. Cash you earn is spent buying a new engine, boosters, an upgraded fuel tank, and more. You can even upgrade how the rocket controls, making movements more precise.

The levelling up aspect is what made the game for me, and as I levelled up, I liked how much I tuned and improved my turtle - the same reason why anyone likes levelling up in a role-playing game.

There are obstacles in your flight path, such as blimps and airplanes, but one neat aspect was when you get higher, the changing wind direction becomes a factor. It gives the game two levels of play - literally.

You can collect diamonds in the sky to earn extra cash. There are hearts for health and fuel cans for extra fuel.

Each level has a list of achievements, such as flying at a certain speech or reaching a specific height. They motivated me to keep at it, trying to buy more upgrades in the in-game shop.

Turtle Fly currently seems to be free on the iTunes App Store. I haven't unlocked all the levels yet, so I don't know if you'll be stuck with a pay-to-play tab (I don't think so). What I have played so far, I've enjoyed. For all its faults, Turtle Fly shines where it counts.

Turtle Fly for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad [iTunes]


    ive already finished the all the available levels... but as u state... the more you play the funner it gets... i picked it up for free when i saw it listed in your "apps of the day"

    Played this last week and yes it is fun. But it reminds me of a lot of games you can get on Kongregate, that are far more superior.

    My girlfriend recently got an iphone and this was one of her first games. It isn't bad, however I have seem plenty of lunch time wasters on here that are a lot better. The gameplay is simple, you fly the turtle upwards weaving around a few obstacles and trying to get pickups to give you more fuel for this round or more money to level up. That is all. It is very repetitive.

    The RPG elements are the sole thing that make it interesting, however it is about of the same calibre as your average flash game. Simple predictable upgrades that increase health, speed, control and fuel so you can go higher.

    Each level has a set of objectives which once you reach you go to the second level, however this isn't really a new level. It is the exact same level, it's just that the objectives have changed. Actually changed is probably too kind a word, they are incremented to slightly higher than they were last time, a height of 5000 becomes 7000 a speed of 70 becomes 80. Which practically defines what upgrades you will be getting when, removing the customisation from the game.

    As I said this isn't a bad game, however it is no better than a hundred flash games most people have played before. I find it quite surprising that someone would hold it up as a fantastic app, I don't have much experience with games on the iphone but I would expect much better.

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