When You're Demoing Modern Warfare 3, It Helps To Have A Charged Controller

Check out nearly nine minutes of underwater Modern Warfare 3 action from Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference, complete with a brief pause to reconnect.


    Wasn't done to show that it was a live gameplay?

      Some believe it, some don't. Some even believe that it was done to make people think it was gameplay but it was really pre-rendered footage.

      Wow. That sounds a little conviluted. :O
      Pre-rendered? Haha..
      He's standing on the damn stage with the controller in his hand :D

      Grasping at straws and generally... a lot of hate inbound on this article no doubt. :O

    9 mins of footage. So this is most of the single player then?

      and in that 9 minute campaign, it held all the traditional elements of any FPS, lots of explosions and american forces (naval and airforce), Russians, american landmarks being destroyed, and destroying vehicles with one shotgun blast

    Whats with the mouse icon on the bottom?

      by the looks of it from a screen recorder? it's there at the beginning of the video

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