While You Were Sleeping

Sleeping can be fun - necessary even. But what if stuff happens when you're sleeping - game stuff? What are you supposed to to do then? Thankfully we have a solution - While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of all the news that happened… while you were sleeping.

What are Respawn up to? Well, we're still not entirely sure, but we do have this cryptic look at its first project.

And, speaking of EA (and segue) an internal memo has detailed plenty about the publishers upcoming plans - particularly with regards to Madden and Online.

Limbo may be coming to PSN, Bobby Kotick didn't buy MySpace after all, and while we can't trade in the Resident Evil - Gamestop in the US may be taking them!

In Short Internal Memo Addresses Madden Losses, Lays Out EA Sports Expansion Plans Bobby Kotick Didn't Buy MySpace, Friendster Is Now A Social Gaming Site Looks Like Limbo May Be Coming To PlayStation 3 Too Respawn Entertainment Offers First Cryptic Look At Its Post Call Of Duty Project Gamestop Resurrects Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Trade-In Hopes


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