Who Are All These Weird New Mutants In X-Men: First Class?

The first X-Men films introduced us to marquee mutants like Wolverine and Storm. For the 1960s prequel X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has dug deep into X-Men lore and plucked out some of the comic's most obscure mutants.

You may be familiar with the returning characters (Magneto, Professor X, Mystique and Beast), but what about the rest of the roster? Here's a primer on the film's lesser-known costars. Read more via io9.


    Wait, Emma Frost and Havok aren't well known? They're part of the ever growing and crazily over powered Summers family tree.

      Yeah, alot of thosxe surprised me. I would have thought Shaw, Banshee and Moira would be pretty well known due to the original cartoon.

    Obscure? To people who rely solely on the films for X-Men knowledge perhaps.

    Emma Frost was in the Wolverine movie, also.

      Whoever played her in that was stupidly hot

        Tahyna Tozzi who is apparently Aussie.


    "Matthew Vaughn has dug deep into X-Men lore and plucked out some of the comic’s most obscure mutants."

    Shouldn't that read "Matthew Vaughn has dug deep into X-Men lore and plucked out some great characters and ideas and has set them on fire, pissed on the fire till it went out and then took a huge dump on the remains of the most abused comic property in Hollywood."


      I don't understand why Wolverine isn't in it.
      He's obviously the coolest mutant of all time, and there are no other interesting stories in the x-men universe.

        Wolverine is not in it as he is CANADIAN! Thats right, Wolverine is CANADIAN! At least according to the X-Men cartoon law... the original one. Part of a group of mutants up there working for Canada Gov for a bit. Did not like being used as a weapon, and said 'f u' to them. This was after he had his bones 'treated' in that mettle I can't remember the name of.

    After watching the previews for this movie I officially announce the X-men series raped

    The early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive - can't wait to see it.


      I don't get the canon rage. I know as much about X-Men as I do about, erm, Azerbaijan - and as long as it's a good movie I can't wait to see it.

        Then that's why you don't understand the rage. The biggest issue is that for all of these terrible comic book adaptations there was no need to ever make any of the changes they did. X-Men, Spiderman, Wolverine etc all of them have enough stories and sagas to make an accurate film that can also be watched and understood and enjoyed by those who haven't read the comics.

          I just take the films as a separate marvel universe where they can tell their own stories about the characters. I think they have done ok by the xmen universe (except x3, terrible film) and the trailers for this new one has me very interested.

          But they have so many sagas and stories, a lot of which would either be impossible in a two hour movie (given they develop over many issues) or would be very silly if put up on the screen.

        Eh damned if he done it right damned if he didn't

        People always whinge about changes when they are their because they were uneeded, and if the movie sucked even more without changes they would complain he ruined the franchise by not translating it to film right.

        Someone is always pissed off especially when it comes to character's they have grown up with.

        Fact is that alot of the comics that these stories come from are never going to be read by the average person, and even if that person want to read them the shear amount of effort to do so is insane.

        I personally can't wait until DC and Marvel wise up and sell digital copies of every comic they have ever printed.

        Which is my current issue with comics, much like a Tv series if i can't start from the start and see/read everybit thats come so far i'm not interested. Sure i could be missing out on some great things, but i'm 21 years old alot of these comics had 10-20 years before i was born.

        And there even less prolific here in the US than they would be in the states

          My problem with comics is similar...
          They're just so many of the damn things.

          How many concurrent batman issues are there?
          Which one is the actual storyline?

            Currently? Hm, Batman and Robin, and Batman Incorporated. They follow different Batmans (there are multiple now!). There's also Red Robin, Batgirl, and the long-promised Batwoman, who are part of the Batfamily, and all these comics run basically concurrently. Confusing? Hell yeah.

    I did see this last night at Bondi, and it is really really good, easily the best marvel movie to date imho

    I am still stumped why Gawker is cross pollinating it's articles. I read this on io9 all ready as I'm sure most people who were interested did.

      I've honestly never heard of io9 or whatever it is before, so...

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