Who's Bringing Minecraft To The Xbox 360?

Not Mojang, the game's original developer. According to Minecraft designer Markus Persson, 4J Studios is doing the port. "They seem to have a very good mentality, and obviously are very talented," tweeted Persson. [@notch via GamePro]


    They ported the Banjo Kazooie games and Perfect Dark for XBLA - should be good

    I'd be the happiest guy alive if it used the same subscription style as the PC version, with the same database of users.

    So pretty much, buying it on one platform nets you it on both.

      I would also be happy, but i think that it would be virtually impossible.

      Imagine all the $ microsoft would miss out on.

      I am more intersted in how they will implement the multiplayer aspect of the game... or if indeed there will even be a multiplayer for the arcade version..

      As it is now a multiplayer server must run ridiculous mods to safeguard against the douchebaggery of greifers.

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