Why Journey Is Already My Favourite Game Of E3

Why Journey Is Already My Favourite Game Of E3

Today is my day off. So why am I writing this post? Well, basically because I stumbled across this video interview with Jenova Chen from thatgamecompany, and was completely blown away. Chen’s latest game, Journey is already my most anticipated game of the year, and this video reaffirms that anticipation. Journey looks stunning.


  • I watched the trailer for Journey earlier today and, while it looked beautiful, it didn’t really tell me much. I would have disregarded it if I hadn’t also seen this. Thanks for the post!

  • Sure does have fantastic art direction, I just love the wind swept san dunes. Games are just the best form of escapism

    • Of course its ultimately a matter of preference, but I tend to just use the android friendly version of the website.

      Both Kotaku and Lifehacker are in my Dolphin (Browser) speed-dial, I find the android version to be like an app-onto-itself, and it doesn’t clutter my home screen

  • This is a quesito manly for Mark Serrels. Is Journey really a game? It looks good and everything, but what I got from that was that this looks more like a pice of art than a game.

    Now, thats not a bad thing at all. Infact, I think its a really good step. The thing is, we are getting to a point now where some ‘games’ are morte like art, and we need to start seeing them for art insted of a game. This Journey, to me, is one of the ‘games’ that sahould be consisdered more as art. There is really nothing you do other than enjoy the expirence, and get your own take on it…..

    I really wounder about thatgamecompany’s ideals, as they seem to pull of some stuning work. Wether what they make can be called a game or not tho is something completly differnt….. But what they do do is stuning.

    So, again, can we really call Journy a game, or is this company making what looks to be, to me, the first step in to true interactive art?

    • You could have had the exact same discussion about thatgamecompany’s last game (Flower). And I suspect you’d end up at the same conclusion: its BOTH – art and game.

      One of the most interesting developers anywhere atm.

  • Another artsy atmosphere game too unrealistic to be relatable to me.

    Glad for the people who like this kind of thing but I can’t say I’m looking forward to the inevitable flood of people calling its vague symbolism a “writing masterpiece” or whatever buzz words end up spreading, just because it’s artsy. If you like it for the scenery just say so, no need to make up crap about a deep and complex plot. COUGH SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS.

  • Just a small town girl, lost in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going an-y-where…

  • Been looking foward to this for awhile now. Played all of thatgamecompany’s games and love them to death. They an emotional touch that communicated through gameplay, not narrative, cutscene or dialogue.

    Thanks Mark

  • Wow this game looks really cool.

    What are their other games? Do they make stuff on PC? Is Journey going to be on PC? Would hate to miss out on it..

  • Why the XBOX 360 tag? Everything I read suggests this is a PSN title. Can you confirm this? I would love to not have to attach another credit card to the PSN to play this game…

    • Its called a Pre-Payed card. So you don’t have to put another CC on it. Its your choice to do that, so don’t go saying Sony are forcing you to do it. There are other ways.

      • I am not saying anyone is forcing anything, I have simply lost faith in the network. The XBox 360 tag gave me hope that I could get Journey on XBL instead.

        Thanks for the tip about the pre-paid card though, I’ll certainly do it that way.

  • I’m so glad that there’s developers like thatgamecompany out there doing this sort of thing. Their entire development model is different – when they start working on a game, they don’t start by discussing what sort of game they want to make. Their starting point is to decide what kind of emotion they want their players to feel. The industry really needs groups like that, that do things differently. Especially when they execute them so well.

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