Why Mario’s Tanooki Suit Used To Fly, And Why It Doesn’t Anymore

Why Mario’s Tanooki Suit Used To Fly, And Why It Doesn’t Anymore

As many of you know, the upcoming Super Mario game for the 3DS will be bringing back Mario’s iconic Tanooki suit, the raccoon-like outfit that allowed Mario fly in Super Mario Bros 3. Though the suit has returned, its functions have changed. As it turns out, Mario will not be able to fly this time around.

During a Nintendo developer roundtable at E3 last week, one puzzled journalist asked Yoshiaki Koizumi, a producer of Mario’s upcoming 3DS adventure, a couple of questions on the matter: First, why won’t Mario be able to fly using the Tanooki suit in the 3DS game? (He can merely flutter-jump). Second, where did the connection between raccoons and flying come from to begin with?

Koizumi handled the first, more technical technical question himself:

So it’s true that Mario was able to fly with the Tanooki suit in past games, but there was also, I believe, a form that had a tail and ears but couldn’t fly? And one of the reasons that we decided to go with the “Raccoon” Mario style in this game is that flying does present some interesting issues in three dimensions. You do have the slow fall, which makes certain types of gameplay more accessible, but having the character fly in 3D on the smaller 3DS screen would have been a little bit difficult. So we decided to bend the rules of the Mario world [on the 3DS]and solve that problem.

As it turns out, Mario was able to fly with both the raccoon leaf power-up and Tanooki suit. The raccoon tail allows Mario to spin and hit enemies, while the Tanooki suit allowed Mario to turn into a statue. Both suits allowed Mario to get airborne, though.

For the second question, Koizumi deferred to Takashi Tezuka, a designer who helped create the Tanooki suit for Super Mario Bros. 3, who explained that the road to Mario’s first flight was a gradual process:

“So actually the idea for the Tanooki suit came originally from wanting to put a tail on Mario, and so we started off by putting a tail on Mario in Super Mario Brothers 3 and we wanted to use that tail so he could do the little spin move and hit enemies with his tail, as sort of an attack. But then, once we had the tail on Mario, we thought: We’ve got this great tail. Isn’t there something else that we can do with it? So, then the next thing we started to do was to have the tail kind of flutter back and forth, and we thought that that’s kind of like a propeller, so that flutter motion would make Mario a little bit lighter, so he could jump further. But once we started doing that, it felt so good that we said; ‘let’s just make him fly’.”

As crazy a process as that was, it kind of makes sense to me. Is that weird?


  • But, but, but the amazement when Mario first took flight was what made the suit so cool, not whacking things with the tale 🙁

  • I love interviews like this, when the reasoning boils down to “we did it because we could” and “because we thought it didn’t work as well anymore”.

    • It’s true though, from some of the level videos I’ve seen so far, the game is more of a mix of SMB Galaxy, than the standard 2D Mario games.

      The game just doesn’t look like it suits secret flying areas.

  • shame you didn’t actually put up a pic of the tanooki suit.. it’s much cuter than just the tail

  • Excuse, excuse, excuse.

    They fit Mario 64 on a portable without any ‘screen size issues’ so to me this just reeks of wanting to be retro-active without including any of the associated game play mechanics.


  • clearly it’s because Nintendo wants us to think back to the past fondly,

    then *stab,stab,stab!!!!*

    ….they do it to watch our dissapoint and tears. (it’s the only way Iwata can get off)

  • You disapoint me Nintendo. Why tease us then? Why even have the suit or tail?

    Of course we are going to assume we could fly with this power. Its the suits primary ability!

    Its like giving us the frog suit and then telling us we cant use it to swim because water levels are too hard to make.

    Bad Nintendo. Very bad nintendo. No soup for you.

  • oh and dont even get me started about him failing basic super mario bros 3 knowledge.

    “…but there was also, I believe, a form that had a tail and ears but couldn’t fly?”

    Are you serious? Do even play your own games? .


  • What I don’t understand is why they used the tail at all in this new game. In the mario world the tail has a distinct role, like how the mushrooms make you bigger or flowers give you fire. Why not just invent a new fluttering power that won’t possibly negate the flying ability of the tail for future games?

    Or, even more easily, just give him the non-flying fluttering rabbit ears from Super Mario Land 2, which being on the Gameboy would be a more direct lineage to the 3DS anyway.

  • I don’t get why people are having a problem with this. The flying worked in 2D, and was generally used to either access secret areas or skip over large parts of a level you couldn’t be bothered with. It just wouldn’t translate to 3D.

    Though, I do agree that it’d make more sense to use a different powerup, then.

  • Such nonsense. Mario was flying in Super Mario 64. Which was also ported to the small screen Nintendo DS and it played perfectly. The fact that the screen is 3d only means that the experience is enhanced over what the DS could do. This excuse stinks of lazyness on the part of the level designers.

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