Wii U Discs Will Be 25GB In Size

Wii U Discs Will Be 25GB In Size

In a wide-ranging interview with Kotaku regarding the new Wii U console, one of Nintendo’s chief game designers, Katsuya Eguchi, confirmed that the system’s proprietary disc format will hold 25GB of data.

That squares with our own reporting from before E3 and puts Nintendo in a good place to run games that fill up a single-layer 25GB Blu-Ray disc, the format used by current console king of large game discs, the PlayStation 3.

Eguchi declined to comment on our report, from the same people who told us about the 25GB, that the system’s internal flash memory is 8GB. Earlier today, a Nintendo rep explained that the new console will support external USB drives, for added storage capacity.

We’ll have tons more about Wii U, including a lot of insights from Eguchi about what makes this console special for Nintendo, in the coming days.


  • Why not just use BluRay? Then they could add BluRay movie playback to the list of features. It’s not like BluRay drives are horrendously expensive these days, and it’d be another selling point to attract people who don’t already have a PS3 or BluRay player.

      • Or, more realistically, why would Sony license their technology to a competitor?

        Seriously, the BluRay drive was touted as the main selling point of the PS3 when it launched so why level the field by letting other consoles have the drive?

        • FYI it wouldn’t be licensed by Sony as Sony does not own the Licencing in the first place.

          Sony is a stake holder in the Blu-ray association and is one part of the top 9 share holders which means that at the end of the day, this boils down to either A) ethics (yeah righ!) or B) Proprietary formats result in the Wii U not having to update its standard in order to keep pace with who ever they are associated with.

          B) is the most likely reason.

          As for performance wise, Blu-ray will still shit all over this because as a standard it is evolving at a much faster rate and is already a fair chunk of the way into its development cycle where as this new standard will not likely ever come at higher compression rates due to Nintendo going down this road alone.

    • Because BluRay is Sony, and they’re unlikely to give a competitor a leg up when they’re in direct competition, meaning they’ll be hard pressed to get affordable drives.
      Besides, a proprietry format reduces the likelyhood of piracy.

  • It really most likely is just an anti piracy measure. It’s probably still a blu ray disc in the same way the Wii discs are based off DVD. Very similar with some minor changes.

    As for blu ray playback, like DVD on Wii it just looks like Nintendos don’t see it as an important feature long term for the systems.

    On a side note Bluray isnt entirely Sony, they are just a large share holder. The largest is Masushita/Panasonic of which Nintendo uses all the time since they build the disc drives for gamecube and Wii. It has nothing to do with them having to pay Sony.

  • Hmm… I would have thought the next console gen would have had a serious push towards solid state media. We’re already starting to see issues with traditional rotary disks, and cloud based or downloadable media distribution is just taking off also.

  • The physical media is a single layer bluray disc, however the data format will be encrypted and proprietary.

    • Highly unlikely. Why they had the edge over BluRay (except for storage back in the day) the format is officially dead.

      There are no manufacturers for the drives now and it is extremely unlikely Nintendo could convince anyone to even want to make drives for a dead format.

      And before I get flamed – my first comment is correct *for that time*! Specifically 2007. BluRay has since caught up.

      • Sorry, I missed the ‘old’ part of the HD-DVD drives.

        No offense meant but I would not think even the drives would exist any more. They are bound to be disposed of or even recycled by now.

  • I can see one possibly good option with the ability to use external drives. On other consoles most of the time you have to buy a new unit if you want a bigger drive. What if N starts selling hdd attachments? The console is rounded so I’m imagining a hard drive with a crable on top that sits under the main console and plugs into the back with usb, maybe usb 3.0. That way if you want flash media speeds just get a flash media drive and hook it up. This is assuming they let you download to and play from external drives.

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