Will EVE Online's Console Shooter Be PS3-Exclusive?

DUST 514, the FPS console counterpart to CCP's sci-fi MMO EVE Online, is due for a big announcement at E3 2011 if this countdown clock is any indication. One fan went poking around through the site shortly after it went live and found some interesting things, since removed.

First would be these seven screenshots (gallery below), all of which appear to be new. Our tipster found a .jpg in a URL left exposed, ran the filename from 01 to 07, and came up with these. Note the PS3 branding at the bottom of the screenshots.

The tipster says he then found the .xml file that will replace the countdown once it reaches zero, and that page directs viewers to the PlayStation Blog after the end of DUST 514's live-streamed announcement.

And the countdown itself ends at 5 p.m. Pacific time on Monday which is, lo and behold, when Sony's E3 presentation kicks off.

Official CCP pages give no indication of its platforms, though two years ago it was marked for an Xbox 360 release. This may be a timed exclusive to the PS3. Or it may be something else. Whatever the case, we'll know in two days.

Countdown [DUST 514]


    poor bastards, ruining their surprise, i thought this would be common knowledge seeing as xbox games still wont play with other games that are not link to windows live or what not.

    Being a huge FPS fan I was excited when I first heard about an EVE FPS but then I was bitterly disappointed when I heard it was going to be exclusive to consoles... WTF! Because we all know FPS' are so much better on the console... EPIC FAIL CCP you suck! No seriously you do blow more than a cheap $2 hooker.

      How is that sand in your vagina?

      But seriously, it is their choice and if you don't like it maybe you should make yourself a game as their decision does not impact on your life in the slightest.

      If you feel that I am wrong name one PC exclusive shooter that made more profit than Halo (not saying its a good game, just saying that business sense they are doing the right thing).

    not surprised. Xbox doesn't have any MMO currently working on it. And the "Games for Windows thing"

    I wondered if this was still in development. I saw the reveal trailer (last year?) and havent heard a peep since. Nice to know its still going on!

    They might have just be introducing some special feature for the Sony release, like VALVe did for Portal 2.

    Though as a random thought, as eve is a game that has fairly frequent updates, CCP might be wanting the same freedom for Dust. So it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to the imagination that they're planning on making the PS3 version the main version due to the extra update freedom.

    Which then leads to the idea that they could make it a steamworks game, to make use of an existing framework, and the leave open the idea of cross platform play if they bring to PC.

    Will not play unless it reaches the PC.

      It's kind of surprising it's not going to be on PC at launch. Considering it ties into their persistent world you would think they would bring it out on a platform that isn't due to be replaced in 2-3 years, not to mention that most console shooters only have a 12 month life span.

        Why would they?
        CCP has a PC game... it's called EVE.

        Well you've kind of answered your own question there - why WOULDN'T they bring it out on a machine due to be replaced in 2-3 years if the game is only likely to have a 1-2 year lifespan anyway?

        Anyway, I reckon the more likely outcome we'll see here is that it may be a console exclusive on the PS3, but there will be a PC version as well. But presumably Sony will make the announcement as part of their E3 presentation, hence the Sony stuff all over the website.

          They said they wanted to expand into a market they had no presence in. Broaden their horizons and such, but really, i'm just not going to play it on a console. Or any FPS for that matter.

    seriously, you'd think developers would've STOPPED doing countdown clocks and websites after all that's been happening oh, over the past few years with regards to people digging through source code.

    Or at least try something to hide it better.

    With the release of Eve: Incarna in 15 days adding the ability for Eve players to leave their ships and walk around, added to the fact that CCP keep spouting the 'we want Eve to be a complete SciFi simulator' line, I wouldn't be surprised if they're using Dust514's console only status as a testing ground for new ideas for features that will eventually be integrated directly into Eve Online once the inevitable death of Dust514 happens. Going on previous console FPS titles life-spans and console players lack of attention spans anyway...

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