Win! A Copy Of Dungeon Siege III!

Dungeon Siege III goes on-sale tomorrow in Australia, and we have three copies of the game to give away in this quick fire competition.

Entering is easy. All I want from you guys is to see the most hilarious, entertaining and inventive medieval name you can possibly imagine...

For example:

Lady Crocklesbeard of Dubbo-enchantia.

Lord MonsterWand of the SwampLands of Sploonge-vania

Stuff like that!

Try and keep it as clean as possible! Funniest entries will win!

This competition will run until midnight tomorrow and we'll announce the winners on Friday.


    Lord Tangledbeard of No-comb-ia

    Lord Slimeputrid of WyvernScum Lake o his glorious steed, the Yellowbellied Ponycorn of SnoggleHorn.

    I know I'm not eligible, but balls to it, I'm having FUN!


    Lord Odious Fartinghard from Eatinbeans

    Fergie.... the Duchess of York.

    wait... did you want the name to be a joke or the person?

      With Fergie its the same thing..

    Lady MoonlightNipples_69

    It's also a man; the medieval troll.

    Beardy McBeardBeardsson, the flatulent Orc.

    The honourable Maester Crawdad Bisquire of Lower-Deep Caldron.

    Master Shortsnag Fistybowels of Spreadumbia

      ...AND that is three.. thanks to al those who entered...

      *I have no right to be calling winners already, just LOL'd so much when i read these three!!!

    Lord High Marquis "the One-Armed" Sahrrals of Longuebordia.

      Recently deposed?

        The Marquis had an unfortunate encounter with the dastardly & villainous Madame Polle.

        I'm told the surgeons did everything they could.

    Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood...

    wait you mean I can't steal things form Futurama?

    Hmm ok then, let me think.

    Lord Sark Merrels of Kotakuan. Slayer of fearsome Dragons and ignorant ACL members.

    There, kissing up to the boss, that should work.

    Sir Mad Lando

    Duke Norbert Frontbottom, Lord of Lower-Pantreversy, Son of Barry Frontbottom, Bane of the Normally Placed Bottoms.

    "A Frontbottom always pays his debts"

    Ive used "Namtrac Cire" for about 12 years (read it backwards) :)

    Sir Flufflynutz the 3rd


    'The Arcanist Formerly Known As Prince'

    Lady Iwanna Wyn Freestuff

    His Most Exalted Lord High Bartholomew Horatio Leonidas Sextimus Optimus Primus, Mighty Regent and Grand Poobah of Cryptosporidium.
    Aka, Sir Bob.

    Archduke Knobsplitter the Unfortunately Named

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