Win! A Copy Of The X-Men Quadrilogy!

Win! A Copy Of The X-Men Quadrilogy!

Win! A Copy Of The X-Men Quadrilogy!Want to win one of two copies of the X-Men Quadrilogy, featuring X-Men 1, 2, The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Of course you do! It’s an eight-disc monstrosity!

This may actually be the simplest competition we’ve ever run. Entering is simple – all you have to do is let us know what your superpower would be if you were a mutant.

The latest X-Men movie had some pretty ridiculous powers, so you might as well go absolutely crazy on this one. One entry per person please, and the two funniest/smartest answers win!

Terms and conditions can be found here [PDF] .

In addition, while you’re dreaming up bizarre mutant powers, feel free to head to this website to create your own mutant. If you use the code ‘KOTAKU’ you’ll be able to unlock some extra credits, so give it a bash. If anyone manages to create something sufficiently hilarious/offensive, feel free to post a link in the comments below!


  • I think mine would be flying because of my handle. But also i think i would have a good gaydar as well.

    • I am so picturing you as comic book guy when he makes the film in space silent because noise does not travel in a vaccuum. lol.

      • Worst. Comment. Ever! 😛

        But hey, if Firefly can do it, it wouldn’t kill other movies and shows to follow suit kek.

  • Subtle telekenisis. Not full levitation of x-wings/small droids, just the ability to make things ‘jiggle’ from a distance 🙂

  • Black holes, So I get the advantage of long distance teleportation and sending people in to a dark oblivion

  • Teleporting is pretty damn awesome, go wherever you want BAMF, never late, travel the world, get to crash E3 😉

  • Can I just have the first two movies? No? H-uh.

    My super-power would be “the power of friendship.” I sing the most beautiful song in the world (Total Eclipse of the Heart) and the power of Friendship will save everyone!

  • I’d have the mutant power to become Charlie Sheen, the greatest mutant of them all, and I’d start “winning” all over the place

  • I already own the first 3 films so I’m not going to enter this contest. I will however have a crack at posting a super power.

    My super power would be that every piece of email spam I recieve is legit.

    The Nigerian Prince in need of my aid? He’s a real guy and he repayed me with millions for helping him.

    Enhance my length and girth? I become the envy of every man in the world.

    Singles in my area want to meet me? Crazy night of drinking and sex.

  • My superpower? The ability to PURGE. Got cancer? My power can suck those cells of sickness right out onto the pavement! How about all that cigarette tar in your lungs – consider it gone. Want a tattoo removed? Hey presto – instant inky mess now all over your shirtsleeve! Had a dodgey curry last night…

  • I would have nanoscopic fur made of Carbon Nanotubes covering my body. Why? Because:
    – I would be able to stick to things like Spider-Man
    -By flapping them all I could fly
    -By flapping some in a certain direction I could heat up oxygen atoms and, well, fire
    -Depending on how I orient them, I could make myself nearly 100% black, like a forest of carbon nanotubes
    -I couldn’t be burnt myself: carbon nanotubes are burnt but aren’t consumed by fire

    Carbon Nanotubes are extremely conductive, though, so I’d likely be susceptible to electrical attacks. So I better team up with Cole McGrath and not fight him.

  • Super Negativity! No matter what super hero/villain, once I get hit by their super power – I gain the exact opposite of their powers and therefore can nullify everything about them.

    They will have no choice but to hangs their heads in shame and go get a real job.

  • My superpower is popularity. I have no enemy, because it’s impossible not to like me.

    And now to answer the question: if I were a mutant…. 😛

  • Invisibility is pretty sweat, being about to sneak around without nobody knowing. Also seeing thing which your not allowed to see, if you know what i mean…

  • I’d like to have the power to see a picture of something, and have it materialize before my very eyes! Possibilites are endless!!

  • The ability to understand women. Could make a killing selling books for other men, or use the power for more personal means… 😉

  • The ability to shapeshift others! Not myself, but other people! And then would I use my mutant powers for good? Or Evil? Most likely for evil..
    World full of frogs. Awesome..

  • Ooooh tough choice, but I’ve narrowed it down to two.

    1. The ability to make everyone not drive like a retard. I’m sick of getting stuck behind slow drivers, missing lights because people are looking at their phone / doing their makeup. Not to mention tools who do right hand turns in front of you, writing your car off! And now your off work and can’t afford to buy Shadow of The Damned! ARGHHHWNRMFMKDHRL@@!!$&!!

    Ahem, anyway..

    2. The ability to control the cost of drinks at bars and clubs. Two CC’s and Dry thanks.. What do you mean that’ll be $20?!?!? Alright, I’ll pay it this time.. *two hours later* NINE SHOTS OF BLACK GALLIANO FOR ME AND MY MATES… $70?? Put it on my card!! (scene missing). *cut to me crying in a cold shower after looking at my bank account balance*

    So yeah, that would make life way more manageable 😉

  • Sure, it has Xmen 1 and 2 in it. But it also has Xmen 3 and Origins in it. Maybe if it had First Class to throw the balance back to the side of good…

    Maybe my power is the power of Internet – the ability to complain about anything, even if it’s free.

  • The power of WINNING! But despite the name, it has nothing to do with Sheen.
    It is the power to win a single competition of my choice, just once in my life. You shall all find out at the end of this competition if this is the WINNING I have chosen.

  • I would be a human lie detector. Every single time some one lies my eyes would turn red and i would make the sound “Errk”. Every single time some one says something right my eyes would turn green and i would make the sound “Ping”.

    I would be the worlds greatest journalist. Everysingle time Julia Gillard talks about the National Broadband Network and says it around the corner, i would indicate that it is clearly a lie and say that it would take atleast another 50 years.

    Every single time Treyarch says its another bad game i will be like “ping” and go super green

  • Power to increase mass density, eventually turning myself into a massive black hole once somebody pissed me off enough, thereby destroying life as we know it.

  • The power of making the main guy from Bulletstorm not look like Wolverine. I kid, but that’s the first thing that popped in my mind when I saw that picture. 😛

    I would like the power to turn all magical things in the Harry Potter universe into real life. Accio X-men quadrilogy!

  • The power of conjuration. Whatever you need I can make from nothing. Food, water, medicine, money. I can make it all. Just call me “The Maker”. Just don’t forget to thank me. 🙂

  • Epic Flatulence!!!

    i could use it to boost myself over tall buildings in a single toot, or knock out villains, or if need be tone it down to cause unrelenting nostril terror!

  • To shapeshift into Satoru Iwata
    Is the answer that the fandom’s been after
    I’d stop Nintendo’s hesitation
    To end the casual game infestation
    And kick off Mother 4 for a starter

  • My Mutant superpower would be to be able to conjure the X-Men Quadrilogy when ever it please me.

    Then i wouldn’t have to enter this competition. In fact i would have my own X-Men Quadrilogy competitions so other people could win it.

    Wait… are one of you a mutant with the superpower of conjuring the X-Men Quadrilogy?

    X-Men Quadrilogy!

  • The power of Hollywood. That way I could erase The Last Stand and Wolverine from existance and throw money at Bryan Singer to finish the Dark Phoenix story properly.

  • My power would be me becoming part of the internet (and thus, all machines connected to the internet). Mostly ’cause these fleshy sacks we live in are to frail, and actually being in a game – so much win (and so little ping!).

    There’d probably be something awesome I could do by harnessing the worlds computer power as well…

  • Web-Slinger? Obsolete. Behold, the Human Web-Browser!

    Watch in amazement as I:

    * DOWNLOAD remote objects in seconds!
    * LINK myself to distant countries instantly!
    * DESTROY enemy productivity with my deadly memes!
    * INFLAME anything with the Power of the Trololol!
    * CRASH when I meet my nemesis, The Flash!

  • Man.. i see the word “competition” and i so badly want to enter.. but i just can’t see myself sitting down and watching a couple of these again..


    *sits and awaits the next neat comp*

  • I’d be ‘Uber Micro Man’, with the power of an APM of over 500. I’d pwn n00bs all day and all night. It would be totally awesome, and i’d get all the chicks.

  • The ability to play HD quality games on my Wii. Because I want to be like Switzerland in the PlayStation/Xbox 360 arms race.

  • The ability to manage the government properly and fairly with the best of interests at heart?

    No? Too impossible?

    What about the ability to get people to agree to mutually beneficial terms. Hence no more conflict in the world. Ever :).

  • My mutant powers would be to instantly make people orgasm, at the pure state of climax I could be at anyone’s mercy!

  • I would be the literate brother of Wolverine who shoots pens from his wrist and reasons with sound arguments and well written letters of objection.

  • The power to turn into a giant bullet, like bullet bill from Mario, then I could get around easily, shoot bad doers and the kids would love me.

    My enemy would only be a plumber jumping on my head, every mutant needs an enemy.

  • mutant healing. I am now invincible to all attacks and nothing you do can hurt me. take that everyone!

  • The ability to swallow people whole and absorb their knowledge – then regurgitate them as big rolls of stinking, mucus covered balls of shit to infect everyone they get close to!!

  • I would like the power to get paid for work but not actually have to go, that way I could catch up on everything else in my life

  • Bollywood POWER!!!

    If attacked i would serenade my attacker with a sweet love song, then they would dance with me, and sing back at me. There would be some head shacking, and then well…no kiss, but lots of heavy sexual tension.

  • I would possess the uncanny ability to influence the decisions of others through spoken and written word, especially when entering competitions.

  • The ability to not need sleep. Constantly at the peak of my energy and metabolism.

    I could achieve so much!

    People would watch me as I shop at night and gasp in fear at INSOMNIUM!

  • The power to play, enjoy and remember games in my sleep. The only way I’ll ever get though my pile of shame.

  • Easy, I’d want the ability to give people who annoy me online a raging case of genital lice. I’d mostly be using it on all the 15 year old CS players that keep using me as target practice.

  • well im a jew so i guess i’ll get the powers of attraction over metal, someones just gotta kill my mummy 😛

  • My mutant ability is to rewind time. Not time travel per se, but like a “do over” for a recent mistake.

    Take just now for example. If I hadn’t rewound time, you would all be having a laugh at my typo, where I wrote “ability” as “abilititty”. Rewinding saved me from humiliation!

  • The power to change The Australian Classification Laws. Because we all know it would take a super power to do that.

  • The ability to quick save in real life.

    Feel a date went bad? Reload and start over.

    About to fight a major villain? Fear not! If you perish you can try again!

    Just as long as you don’t quick save at the wrong moment… things could get old soon if you accidently hit quick save while falling out of a plane… with no parachute… into a volcano.

  • The ability to leave “imprints” of myself in any point in time. It’s basically like auto-saving and I can relive any moment (provided I autosaved) with no effect to my state of mind or intelligence.

    Oh how I want to relive my highschool days 🙁

  • The power of epic fail…. Because I’d……. And…… I’d……….I’d………….dammit. 🙁

  • My power would be to make myself a couple of shades darker.

    No one, NO ONE, could recognise me then. Perfect disguise.

    I submit Prince Adam/He-Man as proof.

    Sorry for the spoilers.

  • my power would be the ability to make something work based on the simple premise that I think it should.

  • Cheese-man – The power of making my enemies smell like parmesan cheese, and the ability of throwing unlimited cheesecakes out of my hands.

  • 2 types of power i could think of:
    1. Power to turn any objects into gold, so that i could just buy this collection easily even without winning it.
    2. the power to turn myself into cute nekomimi girl (cat-ear girl) to attract and catch the heart of the judge of this competition 😀

  • easy choice the power to spawn red pandas,at first i thought wolves then i realised pandas. those guys are so cute and you don’t need less of them do you?

  • I would have to go with the power of winning comps off of websites.

    (you guys have the power to make this happen)

  • My ability would allow me to transform into hilarious mash-ups of household appliances and vehicles!

  • I’d like the ability to change the colour of anything.

    Same clothes, always different. I’d like to drive a red car today. racist? change the colour of their skin. the water in this pool would look better bright orange. So much potential…

  • I’d like the ability to become less attractive at my choosing.

    Having all women drawn to you has its drawbacks. The constant lewd texts, emails, endless stream of phone calls, and body exhaustion at the end of every nights events can take it’s toll on you.

    As I just can’t say no to them when confronted, if I could deter just a few beforehand… it’d be a dream!

  • The ability to go back in time, and I can always take someone back with me. For example … The Cracks … would take him back 24 hours 🙂

  • My power would address a sad affliction plaguing the noble (and not-so-noble) superheroes and mutants who occupy our blockbuster movies with dashing tales of derring-do.

    That’s right. Lycra.

    My power would be the ability to make people look respectable in this ubiquitous superhero-covering substance. All the superpowers in the world don’t mean a thing when people are pointing at odd shapes in weird places and laughing. The power to bend minds or conjure storms is irrelevant in the face of so much public shame.

    In fact, most mutants*** are probably too self-conscious to even save the world in their own costumes.

    One wrong move and your Cyclops is on full display.

    With my help, mutants can save the world without sacrificing their dignity or comfort. All the ease of movement, without the giggling.

    ***(Except Havok. He can stay in the lycra.)

  • I actually do have this super power…every day when putting on my socks, I INCREDIBLY get the correct one (right and left) of the correct every. single. time.

    Don’t worry folks, you’re safe in my hands…

  • Im not sure what to call it, perhaps duplicity? but the effect of the cartoon show “Ben 10” in alien force he could turn into multiple versions of himself.

    That would be quite nice, without the side effect of each one having a different aspect of my personality

  • probably the ability to go back in time, and punch the guy in the dick who decided that it was a good idea to give sonic a billion new “friends”

  • Hormonal Manipulation: I could make people angry beyond sense, I could make grown men babble like children and more importantly: make every woman near me experience indescribable euphoria at the sight of me.

  • The ability to go back in time and give “past me” a good head slap right before I did something stupid.
    That and stop Justin Bieber’s parents from breeding.

  • The power of being self-content, while not actually achieving anything in life………. That way I can play video games forever, FOREVER.

  • Hard light projection.

    with the right manipulation you can fake
    flight, telekinesis, invulnerability, parts of the force (with lightsabers! telepathy not included), with enough imagination summon an animated sex doll …. er waitaminute

  • Pretty sure having the power to make anything into a pun would be brilliant, Its like being super intelligent accept ….just for puns :).

  • For me it would have to be ‘grow hair at will’…. by day he is bald/mild mannered Ashley Martin, by night he is the Follicle!

  • Hmmm, the power to tell if a fart needs to be taken with a little more, so I can ease up the gas pedal to avoid spray panting.

    • damn, tired reply, super spell fail. Maybe Super Tad the sexy beast of a man will use his incredible edit powers to insert the word ‘care’ after ‘with a little more’.
      He will then destroy this reply, making this a seamless transaction.

  • Id have the power to bring things from images into RL, walking down the street see an ad for an upcoming game reach in BOOM broken street date : )

  • The ability to conjure $79.95, so i could go n buy the Box set and not have to enter this competition.

  • My power is to have a really burly right arm. The name of my power shall be the “RightArmMuscleFist”. In more detail my right arm is burly (or beefy if you prefer) enough to punch through time and space if I so desire, however I’m usually to busy admiring it myself to actually punch anything.

  • Teleportation for me. I’d use portals instead of a Nightcrawler style teleportation. With portals you have soooo many posibilities. Open one underneith your mother-in-law, Redirect someones punch into the back ot their own head, or actually be able to get a toy from those damn claw machienes.

  • Psychotechnología (or Teletechnología)- The ability to control and manipulate technology with the mind.

  • The power to give people diarrhoea with a snap of my fingers… I figured if I’m already giving someone the sh*ts, why not see it through!

  • Ability to project my thoughts and imagination into reality, allowing me to create, alter or destroy anything I wish.

  • The ability to pause time; so I can think up a brilliant competition entry. Frozen/Slow bandwidth might be a problem though… oh, wait.

  • My super power is to find and destroy the people who misuse language. “Quadrilogy” is NOT a word!

  • The ability to effortlessly and instantaneously duplicate my entire body and whatever I’m carrying, as well as being able to combine them back into one body. This has so many applications:

    – Hold hamburger, duplicate, put down multiple hamburgers, combine back. We can now feed the third world.
    – Hold radium, duplicate, etc. Insert radium into fusion reactor. Energy crisis solved.
    – Duplicate, hold waste products, combine. Garbage crisis solved.
    – Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, LEARN EVERYTHING, combine, cure cancer. Cure the cancer that I got from holding the radium earlier on and, you know, everyone else’s cancer.
    – Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, offer my clones as cheap labour, donate money to poor.
    – Duplicate, duplicate, euthanasia, combine remainders. Free organ transplants for everyone. Hey, they’re my duplicates, they knew what they were getting into.
    – Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WOR- wait, scratch that one.
    – Instant flash mobs.

  • The power to get out of any awkward situation/occasion unscathed. Whether it be negotiating my way out of a criminal insider trading charge or landing perfectly after falling off a cliff. I would then change my middle name to “The Stoat”. Just think of the headlines!

    “The Stoat does it again!”
    “Can no-one stop The Stoat???”
    “The Stoat rear-ends the elderly & flees gleefully”

  • I would choose the ability to hold infinite stackable bag slots. Where to put them? Some kind of orifice might suffice……….

  • Mine would be electronegativity..
    If someone were to attack me, i’d just run into them and absorb all the protons from their bodies.. leaving just a pile of electrons scattering around were the person once was.

  • My power would be to make snorting, sniffling, coughing and throat clearing noises right near peoples ears. All this of course with no outward signs I am doing anything.
    I know this technique is proven to drive people crazy. Just ask the guy in the office cubicle next to me. It may be difficult for him to answer because his head has been impaled into his monitor. I’m not sure how that happened maybe he just couldn’t deal with being sick for so long. He really should go see a doctor…. or a professor perhaps.

  • The ability to play blu rays through my rear vertical loading slot and project it in HD via my eyes, Cyclops style!

  • The ability to visualise people’s thoughts; literally seeing and hearing a person’s thoughts erupt out of their minds.

    That person humming a little Beethoven to themselves? There’s a little orchestra bursting to life above them (in HD, no less!)

    The student who’s anxiously crammed for a Biology exam? An absolute mess of mislabelled animal anatomy and misheard quotes from their teacher is swirling in and out of their ears.

    The depressed morning driver who just ran over someone’s cat in their rush to work? The poor thing’s mangled form seems to literally hang over them like a cloud…

    The man responsible for a string of gruesome murders in your local area, smiling to himself? You probably don’t want to pay too much attention to those images.

    This is all selectively of course, so one wouldn’t be overwhelmed by a sea of thoughts, voices and music to the point of insanity.

    Unless you wanted to. Seriously, how trippy would that be?

  • I would posses the uncanny ability to be able to tell Cucumber and Zucchini apart, no matter what the circumstance, be it a Soup, Salad or Bolognese sauce!

  • Mutant Name: Hydro Arc!

    I will have the best powers any mutant can hope for…the ability to correctly guess how far water will shoot out from any drinking fountain!

    Remember that time when you finished a jog. And tried to drink from a fountain only to end up standing there looking like an idiot with lips puckered and dry because the water arc fell short?
    NOT I!

    My powers are so extensive, that I have managed to apply it beyond the drinking fountain.

    Remember the time in the toilet stall when you confidently took aim but was unprepared for the multistream, obtuse- angled disaster you were about to unleash?
    NOT I!

  • What do you mean “if I was a mutant”? I already am one! Well, I was one at least. You see, my special power was the ability to make a game “free forever”, and a game can only be made “free forever” once. (Yeah, that’s right, I’m the guy who made TF2 free 😛 ) Unfortunately, now that I’ve used this power, I am no longer a mutant (well sort of, not really though. I’ve still got the power of extreme bec’rollage, but that’s more like a super villain power 😛 ).

  • Scratch that first entry, there’s some stuff that came out wrong. Lemme try again.
    What do you mean “if I was a mutant”? I already am one! Well, I was one up until this morning. You see, my special power was the ability to make one game “free forever”, and a game can only be made “free forever” once. Unfortunately, now that I’ve used this power, I am no longer a mutant (well sort of, not really though. I’ve still got the power of extreme bec’rollage, but that’s more like a super villain power 😛 ).

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