Win! A Copy Of The X-Men Quadrilogy!

Want to win one of two copies of the X-Men Quadrilogy, featuring X-Men 1, 2, The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Of course you do! It's an eight-disc monstrosity!

This may actually be the simplest competition we've ever run. Entering is simple - all you have to do is let us know what your superpower would be if you were a mutant.

The latest X-Men movie had some pretty ridiculous powers, so you might as well go absolutely crazy on this one. One entry per person please, and the two funniest/smartest answers win!

Terms and conditions can be found here [PDF] .

In addition, while you're dreaming up bizarre mutant powers, feel free to head to this website to create your own mutant. If you use the code 'KOTAKU' you'll be able to unlock some extra credits, so give it a bash. If anyone manages to create something sufficiently hilarious/offensive, feel free to post a link in the comments below!


    I think mine would be flying because of my handle. But also i think i would have a good gaydar as well.

      I'd prefer it if your power was flying off the handle...

        How dare you blaghman, I mean what gives you the . Gah i can't even think straight!

        I think i already can do that without super powers.

    The power to ensure every comic book film was true to the source material.

      I am so picturing you as comic book guy when he makes the film in space silent because noise does not travel in a vaccuum. lol.

        Worst. Comment. Ever! :P

        But hey, if Firefly can do it, it wouldn't kill other movies and shows to follow suit kek.

    Subtle telekenisis. Not full levitation of x-wings/small droids, just the ability to make things 'jiggle' from a distance :)

    Superhuman levels of wit.
    That's all I need to dominate the internets.

    Black holes, So I get the advantage of long distance teleportation and sending people in to a dark oblivion

    Teleporting is pretty damn awesome, go wherever you want BAMF, never late, travel the world, get to crash E3 ;)

    Can I just have the first two movies? No? H-uh.

    My super-power would be "the power of friendship." I sing the most beautiful song in the world (Total Eclipse of the Heart) and the power of Friendship will save everyone!

    I'd have the mutant power to become Charlie Sheen, the greatest mutant of them all, and I'd start "winning" all over the place

    Ctrl-Z (undo) in real life

    I already own the first 3 films so I'm not going to enter this contest. I will however have a crack at posting a super power.

    My super power would be that every piece of email spam I recieve is legit.

    The Nigerian Prince in need of my aid? He's a real guy and he repayed me with millions for helping him.

    Enhance my length and girth? I become the envy of every man in the world.

    Singles in my area want to meet me? Crazy night of drinking and sex.

      That, would be an awesome power.

      I mean, I have no problems with the second or third part (LIES), but I could do with some cash.

    My superpower? The ability to PURGE. Got cancer? My power can suck those cells of sickness right out onto the pavement! How about all that cigarette tar in your lungs - consider it gone. Want a tattoo removed? Hey presto - instant inky mess now all over your shirtsleeve! Had a dodgey curry last night...

    I would have nanoscopic fur made of Carbon Nanotubes covering my body. Why? Because:
    - I would be able to stick to things like Spider-Man
    -By flapping them all I could fly
    -By flapping some in a certain direction I could heat up oxygen atoms and, well, fire
    -Depending on how I orient them, I could make myself nearly 100% black, like a forest of carbon nanotubes
    -I couldn't be burnt myself: carbon nanotubes are burnt but aren't consumed by fire

    Carbon Nanotubes are extremely conductive, though, so I'd likely be susceptible to electrical attacks. So I better team up with Cole McGrath and not fight him.

    Super Negativity! No matter what super hero/villain, once I get hit by their super power - I gain the exact opposite of their powers and therefore can nullify everything about them.

    They will have no choice but to hangs their heads in shame and go get a real job.

      So if Superman flew into you, you'd gain the ability to ... walk?

    The power to summon Fruit Tingles. Holy shit those things are delicious.

    My superpower is popularity. I have no enemy, because it's impossible not to like me.

    And now to answer the question: if I were a mutant.... :P

    I would be exactly like Toad, but also have immunity to lightning.

      I watched that scene the other night. Storm doesn't get much characterisation but she's fairly badass :P

    Invisibility is pretty sweat, being about to sneak around without nobody knowing. Also seeing thing which your not allowed to see, if you know what i mean...

    Everything, why have just one?

    mutant power would be invisibility how good would those teenage years of been ....

    I'd like to have the power to see a picture of something, and have it materialize before my very eyes! Possibilites are endless!!


      Some interesting potential for superpower there, but the uncanny ability to be *just too late* might simply relegate you to the role of a minor villain in the next Dr Horrible :)

        'the uncanny ability to be *just too late*'

        Hey, it's better than being early amirite? Heh?

      That could be your mutant power.

      The power of extreme regret!

    The ability to understand women. Could make a killing selling books for other men, or use the power for more personal means... ;)

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