Win! A Copy Of The X-Men Quadrilogy!

Want to win one of two copies of the X-Men Quadrilogy, featuring X-Men 1, 2, The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Of course you do! It's an eight-disc monstrosity!

This may actually be the simplest competition we've ever run. Entering is simple - all you have to do is let us know what your superpower would be if you were a mutant.

The latest X-Men movie had some pretty ridiculous powers, so you might as well go absolutely crazy on this one. One entry per person please, and the two funniest/smartest answers win!

Terms and conditions can be found here [PDF] .

In addition, while you're dreaming up bizarre mutant powers, feel free to head to this website to create your own mutant. If you use the code 'KOTAKU' you'll be able to unlock some extra credits, so give it a bash. If anyone manages to create something sufficiently hilarious/offensive, feel free to post a link in the comments below!


    The ability to shapeshift others! Not myself, but other people! And then would I use my mutant powers for good? Or Evil? Most likely for evil..
    World full of frogs. Awesome..

    Ooooh tough choice, but I've narrowed it down to two.

    1. The ability to make everyone not drive like a retard. I'm sick of getting stuck behind slow drivers, missing lights because people are looking at their phone / doing their makeup. Not to mention tools who do right hand turns in front of you, writing your car off! And now your off work and can't afford to buy Shadow of The Damned! [email protected]@!!$&!!

    Ahem, anyway..

    2. The ability to control the cost of drinks at bars and clubs. Two CC's and Dry thanks.. What do you mean that'll be $20?!?!? Alright, I'll pay it this time.. *two hours later* NINE SHOTS OF BLACK GALLIANO FOR ME AND MY MATES... $70?? Put it on my card!! (scene missing). *cut to me crying in a cold shower after looking at my bank account balance*

    So yeah, that would make life way more manageable ;)

    Sure, it has Xmen 1 and 2 in it. But it also has Xmen 3 and Origins in it. Maybe if it had First Class to throw the balance back to the side of good...

    Maybe my power is the power of Internet - the ability to complain about anything, even if it's free.

    The power of WINNING! But despite the name, it has nothing to do with Sheen.
    It is the power to win a single competition of my choice, just once in my life. You shall all find out at the end of this competition if this is the WINNING I have chosen.

    Using the incredible power of the sun, I can summon forth the brutal beauty of fireworks!

    I would be a human lie detector. Every single time some one lies my eyes would turn red and i would make the sound "Errk". Every single time some one says something right my eyes would turn green and i would make the sound "Ping".

    I would be the worlds greatest journalist. Everysingle time Julia Gillard talks about the National Broadband Network and says it around the corner, i would indicate that it is clearly a lie and say that it would take atleast another 50 years.

    Every single time Treyarch says its another bad game i will be like "ping" and go super green

    Power to increase mass density, eventually turning myself into a massive black hole once somebody pissed me off enough, thereby destroying life as we know it.

    My name, Creativity man. My power...I don't know.

      We could team up and I could be Doubt Man!!

      Does that sound like a good power?

    The Power of LOVE

      Awww man - now I have it stuck in my head...

      ...make a bad one good, make a wrong one right

    The power of making the main guy from Bulletstorm not look like Wolverine. I kid, but that's the first thing that popped in my mind when I saw that picture. :P

    I would like the power to turn all magical things in the Harry Potter universe into real life. Accio X-men quadrilogy!

    The power of conjuration. Whatever you need I can make from nothing. Food, water, medicine, money. I can make it all. Just call me "The Maker". Just don't forget to thank me. :)

    Epic Flatulence!!!

    i could use it to boost myself over tall buildings in a single toot, or knock out villains, or if need be tone it down to cause unrelenting nostril terror!

    To shapeshift into Satoru Iwata
    Is the answer that the fandom's been after
    I'd stop Nintendo's hesitation
    To end the casual game infestation
    And kick off Mother 4 for a starter

    My Mutant superpower would be to be able to conjure the X-Men Quadrilogy when ever it please me.

    Then i wouldn't have to enter this competition. In fact i would have my own X-Men Quadrilogy competitions so other people could win it.

    Wait... are one of you a mutant with the superpower of conjuring the X-Men Quadrilogy?

    X-Men Quadrilogy!

    The power to win this competition!

    The power of Hollywood. That way I could erase The Last Stand and Wolverine from existance and throw money at Bryan Singer to finish the Dark Phoenix story properly.

    I would have the power of originality. So I don't have to think too hard for coming up with clever answers for competitions. :)

    My power would be me becoming part of the internet (and thus, all machines connected to the internet). Mostly 'cause these fleshy sacks we live in are to frail, and actually being in a game - so much win (and so little ping!).

    There'd probably be something awesome I could do by harnessing the worlds computer power as well...

    Web-Slinger? Obsolete. Behold, the Human Web-Browser!

    Watch in amazement as I:

    * DOWNLOAD remote objects in seconds!
    * LINK myself to distant countries instantly!
    * DESTROY enemy productivity with my deadly memes!
    * INFLAME anything with the Power of the Trololol!
    * CRASH when I meet my nemesis, The Flash!

    The Ability to Eliminate one of someone else's five senses for a time

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