Win! A Copy Of The X-Men Quadrilogy!

Want to win one of two copies of the X-Men Quadrilogy, featuring X-Men 1, 2, The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Of course you do! It's an eight-disc monstrosity!

This may actually be the simplest competition we've ever run. Entering is simple - all you have to do is let us know what your superpower would be if you were a mutant.

The latest X-Men movie had some pretty ridiculous powers, so you might as well go absolutely crazy on this one. One entry per person please, and the two funniest/smartest answers win!

Terms and conditions can be found here [PDF] .

In addition, while you're dreaming up bizarre mutant powers, feel free to head to this website to create your own mutant. If you use the code 'KOTAKU' you'll be able to unlock some extra credits, so give it a bash. If anyone manages to create something sufficiently hilarious/offensive, feel free to post a link in the comments below!


    The ability to quick save in real life.

    Feel a date went bad? Reload and start over.

    About to fight a major villain? Fear not! If you perish you can try again!

    Just as long as you don't quick save at the wrong moment... things could get old soon if you accidently hit quick save while falling out of a plane... with no parachute... into a volcano.

    The ability to leave "imprints" of myself in any point in time. It's basically like auto-saving and I can relive any moment (provided I autosaved) with no effect to my state of mind or intelligence.

    Oh how I want to relive my highschool days :(

    I would have the power of a pen, it's mightier than a sword.

    The ability to eat KFC and not get KFC depression after consumption.

      Greatest power ever.

    The power of epic fail.... Because I'd....... And...... I'd..........I'd.............dammit. :(

    My power would be to make myself a couple of shades darker.

    No one, NO ONE, could recognise me then. Perfect disguise.

    I submit Prince Adam/He-Man as proof.

    Sorry for the spoilers.

      All you need is a fur thong and a fake tan and voila!!!!!!!

    my power would be the ability to make something work based on the simple premise that I think it should.

    Cheese-man - The power of making my enemies smell like parmesan cheese, and the ability of throwing unlimited cheesecakes out of my hands.

    2 types of power i could think of:
    1. Power to turn any objects into gold, so that i could just buy this collection easily even without winning it.
    2. the power to turn myself into cute nekomimi girl (cat-ear girl) to attract and catch the heart of the judge of this competition :D

    easy choice the power to spawn red pandas,at first i thought wolves then i realised pandas. those guys are so cute and you don't need less of them do you?

    I would have to go with the power of winning comps off of websites.

    (you guys have the power to make this happen)

    My ability would allow me to transform into hilarious mash-ups of household appliances and vehicles!

    I'd like the ability to change the colour of anything.

    Same clothes, always different. I'd like to drive a red car today. racist? change the colour of their skin. the water in this pool would look better bright orange. So much potential...

    I'd like the ability to become less attractive at my choosing.

    Having all women drawn to you has its drawbacks. The constant lewd texts, emails, endless stream of phone calls, and body exhaustion at the end of every nights events can take it's toll on you.

    As I just can't say no to them when confronted, if I could deter just a few beforehand... it'd be a dream!

    The ability to go back in time, and I can always take someone back with me. For example ... The Cracks ... would take him back 24 hours :)

    My power would address a sad affliction plaguing the noble (and not-so-noble) superheroes and mutants who occupy our blockbuster movies with dashing tales of derring-do.

    That's right. Lycra.

    My power would be the ability to make people look respectable in this ubiquitous superhero-covering substance. All the superpowers in the world don't mean a thing when people are pointing at odd shapes in weird places and laughing. The power to bend minds or conjure storms is irrelevant in the face of so much public shame.

    In fact, most mutants*** are probably too self-conscious to even save the world in their own costumes.

    One wrong move and your Cyclops is on full display.

    With my help, mutants can save the world without sacrificing their dignity or comfort. All the ease of movement, without the giggling.

    ***(Except Havok. He can stay in the lycra.)

    I actually do have this super power...every day when putting on my socks, I INCREDIBLY get the correct one (right and left) of the correct every. single. time.

    Don't worry folks, you're safe in my hands...

    Im not sure what to call it, perhaps duplicity? but the effect of the cartoon show "Ben 10" in alien force he could turn into multiple versions of himself.

    That would be quite nice, without the side effect of each one having a different aspect of my personality

    probably the ability to go back in time, and punch the guy in the dick who decided that it was a good idea to give sonic a billion new "friends"

    The power to erase XMen 3 and Wolverine Origins from existance... even though that includes the prize pool.

      Damn, didn't realise you'd beaten me to it by 8 minutes :p

    The ability to fix the RROD. Oh lord that would make me so happy

      You would be a millionaire.

        LOL i never thought about actually making money from that power.. but now that u mention it.. hmm..

        Where is my millions. And qbos millions. We can both do it !! I want my money.

    The ability to forget that Last Stand and Wolverine were ever released.

    I would have the power to write winning entries for any competition. Even this one.

    Ladies and gentlemen..I give you....

    KOTAKU MAN!!!!!

    the power to turn people into batman

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