Win! A Copy Of The X-Men Quadrilogy!

Want to win one of two copies of the X-Men Quadrilogy, featuring X-Men 1, 2, The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Of course you do! It's an eight-disc monstrosity!

This may actually be the simplest competition we've ever run. Entering is simple - all you have to do is let us know what your superpower would be if you were a mutant.

The latest X-Men movie had some pretty ridiculous powers, so you might as well go absolutely crazy on this one. One entry per person please, and the two funniest/smartest answers win!

Terms and conditions can be found here [PDF] .

In addition, while you're dreaming up bizarre mutant powers, feel free to head to this website to create your own mutant. If you use the code 'KOTAKU' you'll be able to unlock some extra credits, so give it a bash. If anyone manages to create something sufficiently hilarious/offensive, feel free to post a link in the comments below!


    Hormonal Manipulation: I could make people angry beyond sense, I could make grown men babble like children and more importantly: make every woman near me experience indescribable euphoria at the sight of me.

    The ability to go back in time and give "past me" a good head slap right before I did something stupid.
    That and stop Justin Bieber's parents from breeding.

    The power of being self-content, while not actually achieving anything in life.......... That way I can play video games forever, FOREVER.

    Hard light projection.

    with the right manipulation you can fake
    flight, telekinesis, invulnerability, parts of the force (with lightsabers! telepathy not included), with enough imagination summon an animated sex doll .... er waitaminute

    Mutant power? GODMODE

    Float like a butterfly and sting like a Bee!

    Pretty sure having the power to make anything into a pun would be brilliant, Its like being super intelligent accept ....just for puns :).

    The Power of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick, i would be unstoppable....mwahahahahaha

    For me it would have to be 'grow hair at will'.... by day he is bald/mild mannered Ashley Martin, by night he is the Follicle!

    Hmmm, the power to tell if a fart needs to be taken with a little more, so I can ease up the gas pedal to avoid spray panting.

      damn, tired reply, super spell fail. Maybe Super Tad the sexy beast of a man will use his incredible edit powers to insert the word 'care' after 'with a little more'.
      He will then destroy this reply, making this a seamless transaction.


    The Power to make People naked

    it will make Political Debates Hilariously fun

    The ability to make everyone laugh hysterically. Could get you in or out of any situation you want.

    Id have the power to bring things from images into RL, walking down the street see an ad for an upcoming game reach in BOOM broken street date : )

    The ability to conjure $79.95, so i could go n buy the Box set and not have to enter this competition.

    My power is to have a really burly right arm. The name of my power shall be the "RightArmMuscleFist". In more detail my right arm is burly (or beefy if you prefer) enough to punch through time and space if I so desire, however I'm usually to busy admiring it myself to actually punch anything.

    Teleportation for me. I'd use portals instead of a Nightcrawler style teleportation. With portals you have soooo many posibilities. Open one underneith your mother-in-law, Redirect someones punch into the back ot their own head, or actually be able to get a toy from those damn claw machienes.

    Psychotechnología (or Teletechnología)- The ability to control and manipulate technology with the mind.

    The power to give people diarrhoea with a snap of my fingers... I figured if I'm already giving someone the sh*ts, why not see it through!

    The ability to turn anything into Vegemite... Damn!

    Ability to project my thoughts and imagination into reality, allowing me to create, alter or destroy anything I wish.

    The power to make brains expolde, that would be so awesome to see people brains explode.

    The ability to pause time; so I can think up a brilliant competition entry. Frozen/Slow bandwidth might be a problem though... oh, wait.

    The genie from Alladin... Yeah that.

    My super power is to find and destroy the people who misuse language. "Quadrilogy" is NOT a word!

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