Winners! The Witcher 2 Competition - AKA Obama Gets The Witcher!

Do a Photoshop competition I said. It'll be easier to judge I said. Less People will enter I said. It'll take me less time I said. Wrong.

I had so many entries into this competition - quality entries - that it took me over an hour just to pick a winner. Even if you didn't enter this comp, even if have no interest in The Witcher 2, you have to check out some of the hilarious entries to this comp.

I was blown away. I've selected one overall winner and five runners up - but I thought I'd also post some of my other favourites just so you can check them all out.

Amazing job. As always, you guys blow my expectations out of the water.

Can winners please email me your address here

EDIT: By popular demand, I have added Qumulys' entry!

The Overall Winner GrandMaster B-Funk - 1x The Witcher 2 Premium Edition - 1x 1 MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozer II Video card - 1x Witcher 2 mouse - 1x Witcher 2 mousepad

The Six Runners Up Bronto Thunder Don Danbury Matt Plainview Silencer XP

- 1x The Witcher 2 Premium Edition - 1x Witcher 2 mouse - 1x Witcher 2 mousepad

Some More Awesome Efforts... Bish Chuloopa Damonii Daniel Lucas Michael Sarujin Qumulys

Thanks to everyone for their awesome entries. And congratulations to the winners.


    Congrats GrandMaster B-Funk!

    Personally I kinda think Plainviews was the best... not to take anything away from the other winners, they were all fantastic, especially the Kanye riff lol!

    I had to chuckle at the winner.

    Nice job everyone.

      Also, the FOX News parody made me LOL.

    I remember seeing the winning entry and Don Danbury's entry very early on in the comments thread and thinking "well now its definitely not worth entering - its largely sewn up already" - well done to the winners, some quality stuff there.

    Congratulations to the winners, and good work to everyone who entered.

    Weeeeeee!(U), Thanks Mark, and congraz to GrandMaster B-Funk and the other winners.

      Don, yours was good!

    awwww man, so close yet so far lol

    Awesome job guys :) there is such rad quality in there! :D

    If I'd known it'd be this easy, I'd have used Google as well.

    Aww man, I sad. But not really. I can see why these guys won. Though not even a mention for Q-bo's one? I thought that was pretty great.

      Thanks dude! I spent Farrrrrrrrrrr to long on it! :-D But it was fun all the same. Learnt some new skills so its all good.

    Congrats guys! I'm gonna go cry in a corner now. My troublesome video card just came back from warranty with a report saying it passed all their tests :'( Of course they didn't bother to test any of the things i said it was failing on.. GRR!

    Still.. tops work by you guys! Wish I could be so awesome! :)

    Congrats Grandmaster, and to everyone else too.
    So, plainview is on America's most wanted list...interesting... :P

    Awwww, my witchetty grubs didn't win! But amazing work all round by everyone! Congrats Kotapeeps!! :-D

    More comps please Mark! :-)

      yeah was hoping you'd get a mention. next time i guess...

        Oh, and big thanks to you good sir, cause FatShady helped me sort the text and font! What a champ! :-D

      Your entry was super boss mate :D

        As was yours and FatShadys, heck, I enjoyed all of them! Thanks guys! Can't say more how awesome the creativity is among the Kotaku AU crowd. Some serious skills, way too hard to single them out!

        Also, big thanks to Our Lord and Master, Sir Serrels for putting my pic up there too! :-D I'm famousasaurus Rawr!

    I was actually considering doing something similar to the one that won, but I ended up having no time to follow through.
    Oh, and for all those shouting shennanigans, that was why I asked if the picture had to feature obama or if it could just reference him.

    Thanks Kotaku !

    Some great entries in there gang.

    So Plainview took the image created and posted by someone else in Kotaku's (US) thread on Obama getting the game, and just added a collage effect to it? Hmmm....

      I think you meant Silencer? the one whose image AND tagline was plagirised? :O

        but at least he put in some effort right? :)

        I do feel bad though for the other entrants who put in their own wit and creativity.

        Chuloopa, as always yours made me laugh!

        What the...Plainview you S.O.B.!

          The names of the entry are below the picture they submitted... So you guys mean Silencer.

        Oh crap - you are correct - I misread which name applies to which entry. It is Silencer's that appears to be a rip/modification.

          Sorry guys for I did not wish to draw the ire of the Kotaku community.

          I think after looking at most of the entries I think you'll find that alot of entries had some form modifications performed.

          Whether collating random pictures off the net and adding speech bubbles to convey a story, or making adjustments to an original picture and adding something different all fall under the same umbrella.

          I feel that I have taken a potentially great idea or shot like all of you had and made it my own. I'm sorry you guys don't see it that way.

            * And by making my own, I mean adding my own artistic flair.

      This makes the hours I spent on my entry seem like a waste of time.

    Hang what - that really happened? They gave him a Video Game? That totally trumps a sherrin!

    All these are excellent BTW - Love the declaration of War on Poland!

    Woohoo! I won something on the internet (the 'All I'm saying is they could have splashed out for the Premium Edition' entry). Glad I got in early to claim the obvious gag!

    I'd like to thank Mark for giving me a prize. And the academy can get stuffed.

    No!!!!!!!!! I didn't Win.

    Not that I really expedited to. I have no artistic talent to speak of and there is just way too much of it around here.

    I'm going to sit in a corner and cry now.

    christ um, okay my acceptance speech

    i'd like to thank those who supported me (dawdle i saw your comment on it :D), um my family who didn't know i entered this, but still them, my exams, because if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't have procrastinated and made my entry!!

    in all seriousness, i didn't think i'd win it, there were some really amazing other entries, and it sorta baffles me how i won xD
    but i'll take a good thing when it's offerred to me, so thank you especially Mr.Serrels for choosing my entry!!!

    Dang man I really wanted to see the one with Obama and Geralt surrounded by enemies place. Whilst it wasn't humourous the picture was great. :(

    Bah, oh well it was a laugh entering anyway. Congrats to the winners, I think Matts was my favourite

      I think you're my favourite.

    ... they are all pretty terrible... no wonder b-funk won

    *slow clap*

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