Winners! X-Men Quadrilogy

Alright - good news. The folks at 20th Century Fox liked your entries so much that they actually provided two more copies of the X-Men Quadrilogy to giveaway. Other good news? You also get a giant box of 5X Gum. I'm serious.

And without further adieu, here are the winners.

Andrew Burdusel My name, Creativity man. My power…I don’t know.

Notes: I can't really explain why I liked this effort. I think mainly it's because I could completely imagine someone struggling to think of something and this being their best effort. Quite clever. Quite meta. Loved it.

Alex effing Diamond Bollywood POWER!!! If attacked i would serenade my attacker with a sweet love song, then they would dance with me, and sing back at me. There would be some head shacking, and then well…no kiss, but lots of heavy sexual tension.

Notes: My personal favourite. I think this one speaks for itself.

Luke The ability to quick save in real life.

Feel a date went bad? Reload and start over.

About to fight a major villain? Fear not! If you perish you can try again!

Just as long as you don’t quick save at the wrong moment… things could get old soon if you accidently hit quick save while falling out of a plane… with no parachute… into a volcano.

Notes: We had a couple of variants of this idea, but Luke came first, and fleshed out the idea best.

Jamie What? My power would be to make myself a couple of shades darker.

No one, NO ONE, could recognise me then. Perfect disguise.

I submit Prince Adam/He-Man as proof.

Notes: I'm not sure if I chose this because it was awesome (which is was) or because it reminded me of the greatest youtube clip of all time (which it did). Regardless, this made me laugh out loud.

Each winner receives a copy of X-Men Quadrilogy, and a giant box of 5X gum. Congrats folks!


    Congrats guys! So many funny entries for this comp.


    Afterparty as always in TAY for acceptance speeches and substandard edibles.

    Join us... we're so ronery today (as it appears people are doing productive things):

    Dang, I'm running low on gum. Had only I know, I would have entered!

    Congrats to the winners.

    Actually, I have a question - what flavour is the gum?

    I don't know why this is important, I'm just curious.

    Is it mint or fruit flavoured?

    Wow.. duke would have loved all that gum..

    Congrats guys! :D

    You mention the greatest youtube clip of all time, but don't give a link?

      oh crap... just a sec!

        Needed more Skeletor.

        Found it boring... then Skeletor came in and its awesomeness jumped.

    Congrats peoples!!!!

    Congrats to the winners! Some great entries.

    Is X-men on DVD or Blu-ray?

    Can't believe I missed this comp!

    Loved the answers, and I love you for showing me the link to that youtube video. I SAID HEY. WHAT'S GOING ON.

    Awesome ideas. :D Grats everyone!

    boooring!!!! butt nice..

    Here you go to people that want this, $22-ish AUD for the 4 movies on Blu-Ray. :P This is also a good deal...

    That's Awesome!!! I love winning, and kotaku. I'll shoot through an email

      Yay! Sent an email with my address details, hopefully you got it. :D

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