Women Responsible For Company Of Heroes’ Developer Death Sentenced

Women Responsible For Company Of Heroes’ Developer Death Sentenced

The two women responsible for the tragic death last year of Company of Heroes developer Brian Wood have been sentenced to prison, The Herald reports.

Jordyn Weichert and Samantha Bowling, both from Oak Harbor, Washington, were both steering the vehicle that collided with Wood’s car last September, killing the developer and injuring his pregnant wife. Two friends of the girls responsible were also killed.

Samantha Bowling was sentenced to five years prison on three counts of vehicular homicide, while Weichert, who was driving at the time, was sentenced to eight years.

Both women were charged because of the nature of the crash; Weichert was apparently removing her sweater at the time, with Bowling holding the wheel while she did so. As the car veered out of control, Weichert grabbed the wheel while Bowling still had her hands on it, resulting in the car careening across traffic and colliding with Wood’s vehicle.

Brian’s wife Erin gave birth to a daughter earlier this year.

Two sentenced for car crash that killed 3 [The Herald]


  • 5 years is nothing.

    Vehicular homicide because she was removing her sweater?

    That’s disgusting.

  • i had to take 5 mins to read that title..i kept thinking the women were sentenced to death because of the crash ><

  • 8 years for three lives… Seems incomparable. The only solace in this is surely their lives are destroyed forever too by what they’ve done.

  • wow, a lot of people commenting here have obviously NEVER got distracted while driving.

    not that changing clothes while driving is at all defensible, i find the houlier than thou attitude of people demanding they be jailed for longer pretty distasteful

    • It seems like you should not be driving then. It is not very hard to pay attention while driving. If you are incapable of this, hand your license in now, lest your dumb ass is anywhere near me.

      • @ ThrashTitan.

        before you go around making assumptions about my intelligence, you might want to check the correct spelling of licence.

        @ Aaron

        if it was your family, NO sentence would seem adequate to you. likewise, if it was my family, no sentence would seem long enough to me, which is why we don’t have victim’s families deciding sentences, we have impartial (or as impartial as possible) judges do it.

        • @Aaron
          Well… its jusr that 8 years semms far too short for an incident that resulted in 3 falaties, one of which was a soon to be father.

          I’m pretty sure anyone with a heart would see that its an underwhelming sentence.

          Sure its one thing to be distracted while driving, but its another to cause 3 deaths.

        • Distraction and Negligence are two different things.

          The magnitude of punishment is very different when your talking about those two.

          btw.. just for the record “license” is the US spelling of “licence” so don’t start with your own “holier than thou” spill… or can’t you even spell that one properly either? =P

    • There’s ‘distracted while driving’ and then there’s deliberately acting in a manner that is the polar opposite of common sense while operating a moving vehicle.

      And it’s hardly holier than thou to consider a sentence of 5 years the appropriate punishment for the loss of 3 lives. If they’re paroled early it could be as litle as 18 months time served. It’s a lenient sentence. If it was my wife killed I’d be furious at the sentence or if I’d done the same thing while texting or under the influence I wouldn’t expect a sentence so short.

  • This was a tragic accident brought about by a brief lapse of common sense. I think all of you who are yammering for harsher punishments for these girls need to remember why we don’t inflict mob-justice any more.

    Yes, it is a sad thing to have happened, I wholeheartedly agree, but there was no intent to harm. These girls did not intend to kill or harm anyone, they failed to think sensibly at a bad time. I find it saddening that these people are being condemned for something when I’m pretty certain we’ve all done something equally stupid in our times and gotten away with it.

    I’m fairly confident, reading the type of person Brian was even at the end, that he wouldn’t be happy to see the lives of two young girls being condemned for an accident. Instead of jail, I think they should be given the chance to atone for their mistake through extensive community service. They already have to live with the knowledge they have killed someone because of their lapse of common sense. Give them the chance to redeem themselves instead of condemning them

    • To be fair, while you make a good point, this article doesn’t mention it, but the the two were under the influence of drugs and to quote the previous article on the matter
      “According to Washington State police, evidence of drug use by the driver and passengers of the Blazer was discovered at the scene, and the occupants of the vehicle were known to police.”

      And to be driving is a state like that is just sheer stupidity.

  • It’s interesting how people can make someone else’s tragedy all about themselves, QED by the lot of you here. So Ok, I’ll be the human being here and say a human thing:

    Rest in peace, Brian, I hope that the conclusion of this case brings closure and comfort to your family. I hope, and as I am sure, that your little girl will grow up to be the person you wanted her to be – and good luck Erin! Our thoughts are with you.

    How about that?

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