Would Bayonetta Have Been Sexier If She Was More "Western"?

As far as video game characters go, Bayonetta was built with one thing in mind. The suit, the heels, the British accent, even the glasses, all there for sex appeal. But would she have been sexier if she was less "Japanese"?

I mean, let's face it, accent aside she's still a very Japanese character, with her flowing locks, ornate pendant and quirks like shoes that are also guns. As you'd expect, since Bayonetta was a Japanese game!

So it's interesting to see these images by concept artist Wesley Burt (who we featured yesterday), done as a rough little test with Sega (that obviously nothing came of) back when the game was still in development.

Seeing as the character was a hit with gamers regardless of how Japanese she was, a more Western take on her form wasn't needed, but some of these designs are still great. I like how she's a little less "stripper librarian" and more "queen of the badlands". And how her hair is used a little more practically than in the actual game.

Bayonetta [Wesley Burt]


    I saw bayonetta in bug W bargin bins in Melbourne for $15.00

      I hope you picked it up then. $15 for Bayonetta is an absolute steal.

      And you didn't buy it?

    They all appear rather masculine with the broad, straight shoulders and thick boots that detract from the curves. (The exception being the middle one in the second batch.)

      I actually think the left one in the first batch has lovely feminine curves... But I see what you mean.

    Personally I think she would have been sexier if she was MORE japanese. That british accent really got old fast.

    top left to bottom right, yes, no, no, no, yes, no.

      This. First one (yes, that is) reminds me of Ruby Mallone. Second one, kinda Wonder Woman.

    Blonde would not have worked for the character; but top left and bottom middle may have appealed to me.

    Bayonetta would have been sexier if her head was less bizarre.

    I think Bayonetta was pretty perfect, and didn't need an overhaul. And I scoffed at the title of this article.

    But to be honest, those concept drawings aren't half bad, and would be cool as an unlockable skin.

    The Western look would have definitely made it less appealing to me.

    It only worked because it was Sega

    She looks ten times better like this.

    I hate weeaboo's.

    She would've been sexier if she was more character and less caricature.

    Honestly Kotaku are you trolling me? Is this a serious article? Those designs are all terrible, but im a sucker for any article Bayonetta related so I forgive you guys =3

    To answer the title: "No.". Western generally equals crass and dumb.

    If Bayonetta was made to go for western sex appeal she'd spend the entire game breathing through her teeth...

    Sooo, she would've looked like a cheesy rip-off of any adventure/action heroine from western games in the last decade?

    I'll stick with my loopy Japanese design thank you very much.

    Nah, I don't think being more western would have made her more sexy. Those pictures there for example, the only one that looks good is the second one in the middle and that's because it looks similar-ish to Bayonetta's original look.

    I think the problem with them is that while definitely more western, and still kinda sexy (though only the middle one of the bottom row captures it properly for me), they're also a lot more generic. Bayonetta's design is more than sexy - it's instantly recognizable, which is very important to consider in a main character of a game.


    When and where did we even manage to define a what a "western" and "eastern" look even is?

    Moreover, who here even thinks Bayonetta falls into ANYBODY'S self-contained understanding of what styles make up east/west?

    I think her actual chosen style is best because it's NEITHER.

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