Xbox Wireless Steering Wheel Is Way Cheaper Than You'd Expect

When it comes to video games and pricing, saying Australians don't always get a fair shake is a bit of an understatement - which is why the pricing for Microsoft's swanky new Xbox 360 steering wheel is such an anomaly. The US price is $60. The Australian price? $59.95.

Is this a first for Australian video game retail?

We think so.

Is it too optimistic to interpret this as a sign of things to come?


The wheel ships to retailers in Australia on September 26.


    am I in some sort of bizzaro land?

    Is it me or does anyone else thinks that wheel is butt ugly!

    Mark, Get a hands on of this thing ASAP if you can. I'm mightily interested, but would love to hear more!

      What he said. Please.

        +1 - Convenience of a controller with a better range of motion... count me in as very interested.

    $60 worth of crap - get $60 off a real wheel

    I'm pretty sure I've seen something like that in the window of the local adult shop.

    As for the price, it's an accessory the the games-are-more-expensive-here rule doesn't necissarily apply. But wouldn't be surprised if it gets here and has a last minute price hike.

      'Now with extra strong vibration'

      ...I'm a horrible person

        Buy one of these and your girlfriend won't think you are.

    better pre order or something, cause the price will most likely go up before its released

    Looks more like some form of double-ended marital aid to me.

      how long will it take before it stars in a little video called:

      2 girls, 1 wheel

    I don't want that thing but the pricing sure is interesting.

    If you buy products based on what they look like and not their use... you're an idiot.

      So you'd buy a fluorescent pink, condom shaped pencil made out of a tampon since looks are a non-issue right at this point in time?

      Maybe it's because you're a fanboy of the fluorescent pink, condom shaped tampon pencils manufacturer simply because you want to justify your guilty purchase?

      Don't say dumb things...

        That argument doesn't make sense. There's a difference between something simply not looking the way you want it to and something looking as ridiculous as what you described.

          ummm ... since your all talking about functionality vs aesthetics, can I point out that they STILL can't get the d-pad right!

          Why have so many companies struggled in making such a simple piece of plastic?

          Even the 360 pad redesign to fix this exact issue was an over-engineered fail.

          Thank god I won't be playing Sf4 on this heap of poopy.

            Apparently my post wasn't made or something but here it is again. I should have added one more remark that LIKE everything else, there must be balance. I thought this was common knowledge by know but hey, time makes fools of us all.

            My point was not that this U "wheel" is as obscene as a fluorescent pink, condom shaped tampon pencil but lacks balance. Sure you can appreciate it if it looks like a work of art but honestly who's going to use something that electrocutes you when it senses user satisfaction.

            I was also saying that anyone who wants said masochistic device is only trying to impose bad ideas onto other simply because they can't accept they made a mistake for poor choice or "failure".

            Now leave it be.

    What ever happened to the old Xbox360 wheel?

    It seemed to disappear from the market? I realise it wasn't a great model of wheel, 90degree rotation, pretty basic everywhere else. I did always mean to pick one of them up.

      I got one and it wasn't good. It made every raceing game i played 10th times harder (forza 2 on medium difficulty was nigh impossible to even place in the top 6), hence it just collects dust now.

    Why can't Microsoft just stop being so controlling and let me use my damn G27 on my Xbox 360?!?!? Forza 4 would be so much better with a proper steering wheel :'(

      +1 million

      I won't buy Forza 4 because I can't use my existing G25 wheel with it. Looks like GT5 gets more lovin'

    That's better than I expected.

    Here's hoping this is a sign of more realistic prices for accessories. The HDDs especially are just absurdly overpriced.

    Have to say, that is not what I consider a steering wheel. Motion sensing for driving sims/games just doesn't work that well, you really need force feedback for any sense of realism. Would rather use a standard controller.

    People, this isn't 'motion sensing". There is a metal section beneath the guide button that attaches to a base. That acts as the axis of rotation.

    $60? Not too bad but if I ever buy racing games on the 360 I think I'll fork out an extra $10 and get the XCM F-1 Converter and use my G27 instead.

    I'll probably buy this. I'm glad MS have played nice with Australia for once too.

    I'm really intrigued to see how this thing works. What can I actually mount it on to?

    Ugly as sin but that's a surprising price.

    the thing looks like a double sided dildo.

    You are excited that the price is the same as the us when the australian dollar is worth $1.07US?

      Considering that the strength of the Aussie dollar has never seen us receive a fair price in comparison with the US...yes...

    i'll take my g27 any day...
    and my pc too lol

    It's cheap in terms of typical Australian price mark up, but expensive in terms of actual components

    Um, so it's a U shaped, Xbox branded sixaxis?

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