XCOM Dated For March, Not Referred To As A First-Person Shooter

XCOM, The first-person sequel to classic strategy game X-Com, will be released on March 6, 2012, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, that last platform being newly-confirmed by publisher Take Two.

The game's got a new E3 trailer, of course, but even more revealing are the lengths Take Two appear to be going to not call this game a first-person shooter. An attempt to mollify the frustration of mortified fans of the old top-down, tactical X-Com game? Or an effort to adjust the expectations of those who believe a game with first-person shooting is a first-person shooter?

You can decide, after watching the trailer and examining the way Take Two describes the new XCOM in a press release today:

XCOM is a gripping tactical action experience set in mid-century America, where the player leads an elite field team of specialised government agents into battle – combining deep, visceral gunplay with powerful sci-fi abilities


Featuring a bold new origin story told from a first-person perspective, XCOM pits Special Agent William Carter and his veteran team against the threat of human extinction. But every enemy is an opportunity – players will strike surgically against the alien menace, capture their technology, and by the science of desperation – turn the invaders' weapons against them. Armed with these lethal new tools of war, players will command their squad on XCOM's front lines: Main Street, USA.

I do believe the trailer above even includes some first-person-pointing! Looks cool.


    1962? Nineteen SIXTY-TWO? Why, WHY 2K? WHY ARE YOU THROWING OUT THE ENTIRETY OF X-COM'S CANON? Why don't you just make a new goddamn franchise to cover your new fiction you goddamn dicks. Piles of dicks. 1950s and 1960s government/federal agents and "men in black" have nothing to do with X-COM. Surely you could come up with a new acronym to cover your brand new linear first-person horror shooter. SURELY. It's not fucking hard. You don't need to reapproriate a sacred cow every time a whim enters your head. Well we might borrow some VERY DISTANT ELEMENTS OF SYSTEM SHOCK... I KNOW, WE'LL CALL IT BIOSHOCK! Well, we might have aliens and UFOs... I KNOW, WE'LL CALL IT XCOM!!

      here fucking her.

      so its set 36 years before the first alien war of the original Xcom Yay :(

      I'm sensing a subtle undercurrent of disapproval in you post.

      I'm dealing with my cynicism by reminding myself that the fantastic tactical turn based game wasn't called Xcom, it was called UFO: Enemy Unknown

    For a game that isn't a shooter there was a hell of a lot of shooting.

    Not convinced.

    Looks lame.

    seems like their main selling point is
    "See new alien weapon, capture it, research, get upgrades"


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