Xenoblade Chronicles Suddenly Sounds Very English

This video, of Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles running in English, will be cause for both joy and consternation, depending on where you live.

For those in Europe, particularly the British Isles, joy, as you not only see the game with English text, but can hear the English voice-over work as well. And it is very English (it's a great touch when the accents used go beyond "Imperial Officer" or "Medieval Person").

For those in America, well, as of now you have no release date for the game. Though that may change!


    For the love of god.... Why cockney accents!? definitely using the Japanese audio for this game!!!

      That's really not a cockney accent. I think it sounds pretty decent! Different for a JRPG, but that could be a good thing...

    Enjoy http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1791835

    If there is the option for Japanese audio with subs, I'll be using it. The English accent is one of my least favourites.

    I dunno Dragon Quest VIII had some pretty awesome voice work with an English cast... besides, remember FFIV DS, I done with hearing americans say "Tis'", "Thou" and other medievally things, as good as the cutscenes were in FFIV DS the voices were terribly corny.

    The accents and actors are great, it's the dialogue that's horrendous. I was able to make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich from the first battle scene alone.

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