Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower, The Last Story Still Possible For American Release

American Wii owners who've looked lustfully at some acclaimed Japanese Wii games will have to lust some more. During a wide-ranging interview with Kotaku, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said he had "nothing to announce" regarding whether role-playing games Xenoblade and The Last Story as well as action game Pandora's Tower would be coming to North America. They could, the could not. He had no news on that. Sorry, folks. We'll have much more from Fils-Aime in the coming days.


    If they never get released outside of Japan, especially The Last Story, I will cry. Or maybe learn to read and understand Japanese. But crying's easier.

      Hey guys please go to this link and sign the petition we're trying to bring 4 games including Pandora's Tower to the Wii before it dies off. We really need Signatures Thanks. http://www.change.org/petitions/bring-earthseeker-the-last-story-pandoras-tower-and-xenoblade-chronicles-to-america-2

    Pandora's Tower really isn't text or story heavy; It's mostly a metroidvania brawler. Trust me, import this game and play it. With or without knowing Japanese, the experience is just as fun; Fuck Reggie, if he doesn't want to help us out, we'll just help ourselves to the games with Homebrew. I've already done so myself.

    Also, because they're not getting released, I'll just stick to my modded Wii instead of buying their crappy WiiU, which will likely get the same type of localization treatment. Nintendo is just using 3rd parties to continually be lazy about localizing and making new IPs. They really don't give a fuck if they can't get 3rd party support; They just don't want to have to actually put effort into making and releasing good games themselves.

    Xenoblade is almost definitely getting a EU Release in September, so it might be worth it just to import it.
    I'm hoping that something similar happens with The Last Story and Pandora's Tower!

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