Yep, This Says It All

Cringe every time the mas media moral panic clamps its claws into video games? Well, this comic is for you…


Thanks Chuloopa!


    Video games killed my Father!!.... and raped my Mother!!

    It's sad because it's true...

    So true.

    Haaa haaa ohhh thats too much.

    Hehe - i had to giggle quite a lot because it pretty much sums it up

    Then i cried for the same reasons :P


    No source? It's from, run by the excellent Kris Straub.

    Awesome! Nice one, Chuloopa.

      Oh, I thought Chuloopa made it.
      Still awesome.

    Video games KILLED my BRAIN and drained happiness and soul from my LIFE!!! no... wait... that was just DNF. The rest are mostly good. Lovin the free copy of inFamous.

    Original source is

    posting entire comic without linking to creator's website. stay classy.

      good call. and fixed.


    So true.

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