You May Not Want To Watch This Footage Of Kinect Star Wars

You May Not Want To Watch This Footage Of Kinect Star Wars

Not if you care about video games or Star Wars.

Don’t just take note of the lag present when Kinect evangelist Kudo Tsunoda swings his lightsaber. Take a look at when he “jumps”, and his on-screen jedi doesn’t begin to somersault until Kudo has already landed.

Oh dear.

On a brighter note, the second title demonstrated in this pre-E3 event looks a lot better (at least for kids), as it lets them visit a virtual Disneyland, fly around the park and…cuddle Mickey Mouse.

E3 – EXCLUSIF : Les premières images de Star Wars Kinect et Kinect Disneyland Adventures (vidéo) [Bamar en Live]


    • Red Steel on the Wii was a launch title, this is coming a year after launch. There’s no excuse to be serving up this kind of garbage.

      Can only hope this improves (or otherwise gets cancelled) before release, because what’s on display here is… shabby.

      • Two things;

        The Kinect has only just hit the 7 month mark since release.

        Red Steel was essentially the Wii’s first “real” game and I’d say this pretty much fits the bill as the first “real” Kinect game. Sure the delay of 7 months makes the results seen rather disappointing but like I said, gotta start somewhere.

        I don’t own a Kinect and def won’t for a while

        • I accidentally hit submit without finishing -_-

          I don’t own a Kinect and def won’t for a while but each new title will be showing more and more of what the kinect is capable of. They def jumped the gun on the release of the Kinect but I see it working out well. With the advances people have made just by hacking the device I’d say it’s quite quite a lifespan ahead of it.

        • By the time this comes out it’ll be a year since release, or near enough to it. Hopefully that’s enough time to get it sorted out. But they showed this at last year’s E3 – it looked bad then and it looks bad now. If they’ve been working on it for a year and still have this kind of lag it has to raise some serious questions.

          What puzzles me is WHY they’d show it off in this state rather than waiting until they had it functioning better. Best to keep it under wraps and make a good impression with it when you’ve got it sorted out rather than put this out there for everybody to laugh at.

  • This could very well be the worst Star Wars game ever created. I hope they don’t bother actually releasing this thing.

  • Geee – nothing gets nerds angry like an imperfect Star Wars game.
    To be honest, the lag is present in ALL kinect games.
    I suppose laggy is not the Jedi way..???
    It looks fine – as a Wii game on XBox… it looks fine.

  • I can imagine a whole room of journos and press as they present this game and their faces melt off like in Indiana Jones.

  • *facepalm*
    That’s the just the kind of thing that feels like a stab in the heart when you’re still dreaming that one day they could bring back something like the X-Wing or Jedi Knight franchise… and instead you get that…

  • Even though this is still in development, technical issues could change. I simply do don’t have any room or interest to jump around like an idiot in front of my TV.

    I wish they were finishing Star Wars Battlefront III instead.

  • Yeah, it’s bad, but it’s not THAT bad, talk about overreacting. People just looooove to hate on the motion control fad. (Not that I have any plans to buy a Kinect)

  • wow. Star Wars Kinect looks like that old Obi-Wan game on Xbox… only with all the good bits taken out.

  • I think the most emabrassing thing about it is not just the lag, but the way Kinect portrays Star Wars Universe in general. Jedi are supposed to be like futuristic ninjas and the enemies they fight in combat are also close to that match; Kinect makes you fight like an old person flailing about and not really having the need to employ strategies/skill using a lightsaber, and as a result you’re enemies are the same way, moving slowly and robotically, because that was the only way they could make you look badass in this game.

    You know, like Alec Guiness in A New Hope, instead of say, Darth Maul or even Star Killer from The Force Unleashed games.

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