You Might Enjoy This Story If You’re On An HTML5 Browser

You Might Enjoy This Story If You’re On An HTML5 Browser

Game development platform GameSalad is tossing something new into the mix with HTML5.

With the move to HTML5 developers can now move their games beyond iOS and onto other platforms such as the ever-popular web browser. According to GameSalad, HTML5 offers the largest possible audience, working with all popular web browsers, and will offer developers an audience of more than one-billion users. All games made using Gamesalad’s HTML5 development platform will require no additional plugins or downloaded updates from players.

HTML5 games can be shared by simply copying and posting an embed code, much like a YouTube video, making games play nice with Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Check out the frustrating, yet addictive, Gravonaut (embedded below) to see how this works. In Gravonaut you control the pull of gravity to guide an astronaut around spikes and dangerous falls simply by clicking your mouse. On the new HTML5 platform games buffer between levels and cutscenes, offering a less fluid experience then you might get from a flash game or dedicated app that loads before it gets going, but in exchange for this, the games are easier to access and share.

GameSalad is a free-to-use creation platform with a drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding. It has been used to create over 18,000 games, over 40 of which made the top 100 games in the US Apple App Store.

HTML5 publishing is live on GameSalad’s website now along with a showcase of HTML5 launch games.


  • Odd. I have Firefox 5 and I can play the HTML5 games on the GameSalad website, but I don’t see one in this article.

  • Well I just had a look at the page source – apart from HTML formatting that would make the W3C and my RMIT lecturer feel ill, I can’t see any link to the game. Maybe they didn’t make it when the article was imported from the US site?

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