You (Probably) Can't Play Portal 2's First Downloadable Content

The first major downloadable content for Valve's Portal 2 has unexpectedly already been released, but seeing as it's only available for those purchasing a $US140 peripheral, most people won't be playing it this week.

Razer's Hydra, a strange orb-like controller designed for the PC, is shipping with ten custom-built (by Razer, for the peripheral) singleplayer levels of Valve's smash hit sequel, which aren't yet available elsewhere.

It's currently available from Razer's store or, more interestingly given it's a piece of hardware, from Valve's store (for US customers) as well. At $US140 that's a lot if you just want the ten new levels, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if there were Valve fans keen enough to do just that.

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    Judging from the video I saw of these levels being played with the Hydra, it may be well worth the asking price if they can promise more compatible levels in a timely fashion.

    Does anyone remember the Scitech (?) SpaceOrb 360? It looks a lot like that.

    I loved that controller.

      On further investigation, it uses 2 Wii-like controllers, you don't actually grip the ball like the Space Orb 360.

      It sounded cool, so I went to buy one.

      $140 USD? $224.95 Australian from the Razer Store (

      So much for pricing parity. Thanks for trying to rip us off at a premium while adding nothing on the US version. Sale lost!


        I hope you emailed them and told them why you wont buy one. Otherwise they just dont get it.

        Soon enough like all Razer gear it'll be available from other shops at a far far lower price.

    facepalm -.-

    Thanks Valve...

      If I understand correctly, Razer built these levels themselves, not Valve. Seeing as they built these levels FOR the controller as an extra for those who buy it. It kind of makes sense.

    Dear Australian Dollar.

    No need to be all big and stong.
    No one is watching.

    Sad face.
    yours sincerily,
    The Australian retail sector

    Wow, another completely unnecessary "news" story to inflame fanboys... damn valve... giving stuff away for FREE that I CAN'T PLAY? OMG, I MIGHT JUST HAVE TO WHINE FOR HOURS.

    Ouch, almost double for aussie's

      Which is why we have the internet to download said levels when one person releases them.
      I am not going to buy a $140 crazy ass controller.

        Good luck trying to play those levels with a mouse. They were designed by Sixense, creator of the controller technology. The puzzles require the use of a 6dof controller, not a 2dof controller like a mouse.

        I hope someone does release them (for a laugh). I'd love to see all the complaints in the file comments, because they can't pass the first room.

    They have reduced the price now, cause i got it from the Australian store for only 184.95 including shipping. Which i thought wasn't too bad. But this article is taking a completely different view on this to twist it back on to Valve, when this step is a positive move.... (for Razer anyway, and the PC gaming industry)

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