Your First Look At Far Cry 3 Gameplay Footage

Far Cry returns in more ways than one in 2012, as not only is the series making a comeback, but it's going back to its tropical island roots.


    Looks absolutely amazing..

    If that is the start to the game, it has to be one of the best I've ever seen honestly.. that character talking about the definition of insanity is just mesmerizing

    If this has the same sort of map editor as FarCry 2 and splitscreen I will be buying ten copies on day one.

    I knew it was comming but this is a welcome surprise.

    I hope Crytek fix those stupid bullets hurting you under water. This was completely busted on MYTH-buster. They got a automatic pistol, rifle & machine gun and no bullets when past a few inches of water.

    They even got a extremely powerful sniper rifle and shot into the water the bullet just break appart and don't go much further then a few inches may a foot or 2.

      Yeah about got anything else other than mythbusters? Perhaps actual scientists who don't fake half their results or use shoddy techniques to get the result they want? :

        Not to mention Crytek dont make the games anymore.

        Have you get any other evidence about myth busters being fake apart from your inflated ego and stupid theories?

          Really? Did you see that episode of Mythbusters?

          First off, the examples they gave were from a far greater distance than they themselves fired from thus negating the experiment straight away as environmental factors were non-existent and distance, the angle fired from and bullet velocities were all wrong.

          Secondly, the ammo they used (including the alleged "armour-piercing" rounds) were lead core rounds. True armour piercing rounds use tungsten cores and for a more accurate experiment the other ammo should have been steel core as their key example was WW2, particularly Normandy. At that time the lead cores and copper jackets were of a different composition and far denser than modern lead and copper compositions used in ammunition.

          The distance is the real issue though, a 50 cal round from a sniper rifle would easily penetrate water and kill or maim a person when shot from a normal distance. The only reason the ammo disintegrated in the water in their test was because of how close they were to the water. The velocity of the bullet was so high that the water became all but totally inpenetrable. From a realistic distance the velocity would be much less and the water would give off far less resistence and the bullet would safely enter the water and cause serious damage. The same goes for the other guns used. The angle and distance they used was designed to give as little chance as possible of effectively penetrating the water rather than a realistic reenactment of what they set out to prove/disprove.

      FYI Travis, they stated that while large calibre ammunition would break apart on contract with the water, smaller rounds were much more likely to just lose velocity, but still penetrated the ballistic gel if they made contact.

      As for fixing it, its a game... You took your gun into the water yet it still fires, whats up with that? AMIRITE?!?!!?!?

      Every one is a know it all when it comes to guns >.>

    I'm not impressed. I liked the grittier tone of FC2.

    CANT WAIT!!!

    Wildgoose just had an aneurysm

    I liked the African setting in FC2. A lot actually. Infact, probably my favourite setting out of any games I've played for a very very very long time (Maguuma in Guild Wars 1, and Echovald Forest - same game).

    I hope it has the same-ish plot. "Mercenary in Civil War." Awesome feel to it.

    I'll await further judgement until I play it/see more footage.

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