Your Handy Guide To E3's Big Press Conference Kick-Off Times

Keeping track of E3's big press conferences - where all the important announcements are made - can be hard enough. But keeping track of them and then knowing what time that is in your particular part of the world? That's really hard!

So we figured, let's make it a little easier on you guys, and put together this chart showing the relevant times for the bulk of our readership. Think of it as your ticket to the big dance. Well, the big dances.

The times listed are those when the big five press conferences are due to commence. We'll of course be LIVE at each and every one of them, bringing you the news as it happens, so take note of the times that interest you, make sure you've got a cup of tea handy and join us as it all goes down.

Before anyone asks "WHERE IS MY TIME ZONE", sorry! We couldn't fit everyone in, so had to just stick with the majority.


    Thank you thank you thank you!!! That's officially my new desktop background


      I'm sick of adding things in my head, especially when people talk in 24 hour time that I'm not used to. Thankyou very, very much.

    Love the conference guide with the easy to follow (And Aus included!) time schedule :) Well done!

    I wonder if it grinds Activision's gears that they aren't featured in the "big leagues" yet, as in relevance to the above list? Do they even have their own presentation?

    Good idea -I was just about to try working out what time I need to be up :)

    I'll catch the recordings for everything but Sony. They are at a decent wake up time lol

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