You're Not The Only One That Thinks PlayStation Vita Is A Silly Name

With the release of Duke Nukem Forever right around the corner, Gearbox president and CEO Randy Pitchford has no time for weak, watered-down juice bar drinks like the PlayStation Vita.


    Just change hippy bar to gay bar. I think that's more accurate.

    What's up with all the fruity names for new consoles? First the PS Vita, now the Wii U. I'm afraid to think about what stupid names they're gonna come up with for the next Xbox and PS. Hopefully they'll just go for something normal like Xbox 3 and PS4.

      Maybe it's the existence of real-world Vita Brits, but now I keep thinking of whole grain, high fibre biscuits taken by old people to aid bowel movement.

    Someone had to say it.

  • Randy Pitchford. Speaking what's on all our minds. As he usually does.

      He has a knack for doing that. =\

        maybe he can read minds?

      Well now you've got me humming the theme to Portal.

    It's even more queer if you pronounce vita in the original Latin: The 'v' actually sounds like a 'w' so it would be 'wi-ta'.

    I'm just calling it the PSV.
    At least it's better than Wii U. I thought nothing could be worse than 'Wii'. I was wrong.

    Wonder what David Jaffe thinks of the name? Haha!

    It'll stay the NGP to me for as long as possible.

    I think they clearly chose it so you would say PSV. Also let crazy pronouce begin! Veye-tah, Vee-tah, Vih-tah, Vee-tay, Shaniqua, Shanaynay...

    Not to play devil's advocate, but can someone give a reason to why its such a horrible name?

    When i first heard the name, i though it was an addon for a fitness game they were coming out with... turns out to be the exact opposite.

    It couldn't stay the NGP, cos it won't be "next gen" once it's released - it'll be "this gen"... TGP? Doesn't have the same ring to it. Besides, it might get confused with an ISP. I'll stick to "PSV".

    I still want to know what the hell was wrong with 'PSP2'. It's worse than celebrities giving their kids weird and slightly retarded names.

    And can someone clarify for me the Wii U? Is it 'wee-yoo' or 'wee-oo'.

    I swear to God, if it's 'wee-oo'. I'm never saying that out loud, except to quote Kung Pow.

      PSP2 sounds worse that 3DS. The 3 makes it sound a bit, better, hence why microsoft called it the Xbox 360 not Xbox 2. It sounds lower than PS3.

      Because adding the "portable" in PSP meant Sony backed themselves into a corner and there's no way they'd have gone with a 4-character console abbreviation of PSP2.

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