Zelda Games On Wii U Could Look This Stunning

Zelda Games On Wii U Could Look This Stunning
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This is only a test. A test to show off what kind of HD graphics the Wii U can produce. It is also a test to show off how lovely the game can look even if you’re playing it just on your controller. I’d love to show you the HD version of this video, but, for now, enjoy this.

This is one of several Wii U prototypes being shown at E3 this year. Look for the Wii U in 2012.


  • Haven’t we already established already that graphics are not justified as a crucial element of gaming.

    Come on everyone, including Nintendo should be working their arse off to improve the quality of their 3rd party support because if the Wii is any kind of an indication of what’s to come, than it’s a pass for me.

    One Zelda & Metroid title doesn’t justify a whole console purchase. Move along… (sigh, another generation down the drain)

    • Uh, graphics are no more or less important than any other element of gaming. All of these elements should be good for a truly great game.

      And for third party support, you’re entirely missing the point – the point that the better graphics capabilities of the Wii U will enable better third party games. It means that all of the big multiplatform games for PS3, XBox 360 and PC can also be released on the Wii U, without any worries that it won’t be powerful enough to run them. Most companies don’t have enough money or time to produce extra special versions of their games for the black sheep of consoles that doesn’t want to fit in with the rest, so they palm that responsibility off to cheap secondary developers who do a crap job with it, which is exactly what led to all the mountains of shovelware on the Wii.

      I am a little concerned however that the Wii U won’t be able to compete graphically against the next generations of the Playstation and XBox, and this whole vicious cycle will begin again. Until that happens though, lets just enjoy some good third party games that are both fun to play and look at on the Wii U, and quit bitching about Nintendo actually giving people what they asked for.

    • Wow, barely a day after announcement and you’re already calling the whole generation a failure?

      “another generation down the drain”? Talk about dramatic.

  • It looks as good as a 360 or ps3 but what happens in two years when Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles. I think this will date very quickly it has set it self a technical bench mark that is already five or six years old.

    • Jarred, you’re forgetting that the Wii U looks as good as the PS3 and the 360 do now, 6 years into their lifespan. In the future, developers will push the Wii U technology further and further, just like they did with the PS3 and 360. I don’t think it will ever equal or surpass the next-gen consoles, but I doubt it’ll be very far behind.

    • I beleive Microsoft and Sony are looking at announcing their next machines in the next two to three years, now maybe a year or two after that they will be on shelves.

      Now when they release they will be priced fairly high, so it will take two to three years for the price to come down to an affordable level. So we’re looking at between five to seven years before I’m willing to shell out for the next generation.

      That means a lot of time for the Wii U which I beleive will launch for a reasonable price.

      And yes all those numbers are pure speculation. Sony and Microsoft could have their next gen on shelves by 2014 in Australia and be selling them at $400 Australian, and if they look good I’ll be purchasing them. But seriously, a $400 PS4 in 2014 that blows away the PS3 like it did to the PS2?

      Oh and for the record $400 max and one game per $50 spent on the machine are what I look for in a console.

  • Unless tv resolutions increase I doubt the next gen of consoles with be that crazy of an improvement. My guess is that more games will be 1080P and move at 60fps. Also more content on screen with AI.

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