10 Tips For Achieving CivWorld Greatness, From The People Behind The Game

10 Tips For Achieving CivWorld Greatness, From The People Behind The Game

The people who make Civilization have given the world CivWorld, a free Facebook version of their legendary strategy series. The game is complex and kind of tough!

Today, the makers of CivWorld are giving us tips. (Thank you!) We asked for them. We needed help. So, courtesy of the people at Civ studio Firaxis and their publisher at 2K Games, here’s how to succeed in CivWorld.

1. Have a good city layout-–Make sure there is the shortest route possible from the citizen’s house to the resource and then to the drop off location. This will ensure that the citizen is being the most efficient it can be. Another way to improve a citizen’s efficiency is to make sure they are happy. You can do this by placing them next to neighbours of the same job, a forest, water or all three.

2. Use guard towers–-Utilize guard towers to scope out the map to find better water, forest, stone, and Iron resource locations. Also upgrade for higher visibility and usability of the map.

3. Upgrade whenever you can-–To make your citizens even more efficient, you can place down productivity buildings. For example, a granary will be a new drop off location for a farmer and the more you upgrade it, the larger it will get, making your farmer even more efficient. The same goes for a scientist next to a library or university or a merchant next to a market or bank.

4. Get to know your fellow civ mates-–Use the chat room to speak directly to your civ to coordinate battles, technology research, Wonders-building and any other strategies. Use the personal chat to work out treaties, agreements, and plans of attack, with individuals in another civ.

5. Group up on technologies—Technologies are cooperatively discovered by a civ, from the pooled resources of all the members. The more members there are contributing their science to that tech, the faster they will collectively reach the goal and discover the technology. Coordinating a common research goal among your civ mates is the fastest way to discovery.

6. Become a minister-–There are six ministers that you can become: defence minister, cultural minister, finance minister, political minister, interior minister, and science minister. When you become a minister, you have more responsibility and be able to help your civ. In order to become a minister, you have to be the first in your civ to accomplish a specific task and win medal that will promote you to a ministry. For example, if you are the first person to upgrade your library to ginormous size, you will get a construction medal which will promote you to the interior minister. As the interior minister, whenever you harvest, you’ll also give 1 Harvest bonus to a member of your civ. If you become the finance minster, when you complete the caravan maze, you’ll send your civ some gold depending on how much you win.

7. Collect Fame Points–-As you collect achievements and medals, you will move up the ranks in your civ in hopes of becoming the king or queen. When a civ wins an era victory, Fame Points are distributed in descending order, so you want to be as high in the ranks as possible in order to get the most Fame Points. These points will then turn into gems so you can deck out your throne room and show off all of your achievements. The cool part about the throne room is what you place in the room is yours forever. So the more games you play, the more trophies you will win!

8. Get hitched–-You can marry other citizens in the game using the “Dowry” button. The word “Dowry” will show up at random on the World button. What it means is you have the opportunity for one of the citizens from your city to “marry” a citizen from another player’s city. The resulting dowry will give you and the other player a onetime bonus in the associated resource with the chosen Citizen. Neither player loses their citizen—dowries are purely a bonus.

9. Produce a mighty military–-It is important to have either military units always on hand or a lot of production just in case a civilization decides to invade your civilization or vice versa. Having a lot of production versus gold helps in this situation because building a unit using production is almost always less expensive than buying it in the marketplace.

10. Stack and position your military carefully—Stacking units or having a lot of the same unit also is important in a battle because it makes that particular slot on the battle field much stronger. During a battle, you should try to change the units’ stance on every turn. Each unit can be changed to either “Fortify,” “Heroic,” “Normal,” or “Retreat.” While defending, you should change the units’ stance to “Fortify” right before the turn is up to make sure your defence is at its highest. The same goes for “Heroic” when it is your turn to attack.

I’ve used their first point of advice, and it helps a ton. Move the houses in the game, folks. It doesn’t cost in-game or real-world money and it helps. I bet the rest of this advice works, too!


  • I played this game, and I enjoyed it for about an hour. Then I realized it’s a Civ Game, i.e. loss of all progress after the game ends. Which is fine, EXCEPT PEOPLE CAN PAY FOR SPEEDUPS.

    It’s like playing chess against someone who can pay $20 to get a bunch of extra pieces. This is a flawed game and you should avoid it for this reason alone.

    It’s a competition, not just showing off to friends like farmville etc.

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