3DS Rocks Japanese Retail

Yesterday's 3DS price-drop was sudden. It caught many off guard, including some Japanese game retailers.

One Japanese shop posted a notice that after August 11, when the price drops ¥10,000 ($118), it will refrain from selling the 3DS. This is leading to speculation that retailers are being shifted with heavy inventories and looking to take a loss on 3DS units they've already purchased.

The Akihabara branch of Sofmap, one of the country's biggest game retailers, sent out a tweet hours ago, notifying folks that the price of used 3DS units is being slashed — from ¥22,800 to ¥13,800. Sofmap said there are limited number of 3DS units, encouraging Twitter followers to act quickly.

Other photos floating around online in Japan show game shops with large inventories of used 3DS units. One store is only buying back 3DS units for ¥1000 or $11.

This is anecdotal evidence at best, but with the low sales numbers, it's hard not to think that the rot has already set in.

What could change the tide is a redesigned 3DS, which is looking increasingly like an upcoming inevitability.

【前代未聞】小売が3DSの販売自粛を始める [はちま起稿]

(Top photo: 2ch)


    I don't think a redesign will help anything this early in the game. The backlash from first, a price drop, and then a new model would be insane.

    The lack of good solid software is killing the 3DS at the moment. And unless I'm mistaken, most of the ads I'm seeing lately are completely devoid of ANY emphasis on the 3D aspects of the console.

    I think Nintendo missed the boat with this one, and realistically, people are buying a glorified DSi. At least that's the general consensus from most of the customers I deal with. I've never really had anyone come and tell me, "Hey, this game looks great in 3D". Most are just saying how great Zelda OOT is and that's mostly it.

    Christmas time, and the releases of both Mario Kart and Mario 3DS will give a more realistic forecast for the future of the console. If Mario doesn't move consoles, nothing is going to. The online features are still not pristine enough to justify calling it a great online experience, even as far as handhelds go, the eShop is clunky at best from experience.

    It's going to be an interesting 6 - 12 months for Nintendo, that's for sure!

    The PS Vita will kill it.
    You may be able to play older nintendo games on the 3ds, but those games are just old versions of the games that are already on it, or that you've played to death.
    PS Vita has a ton of backmarket power behind it due to Playstations large catalog it's always had.

    I quote from another 3DS article here:
    "I think the real issue is that Nintendo, with the 3DS, hasn’t really changed its strategy, or evolved its device properly to adjust for the new ways in which we use handheld devices"
    Just like with N64 sticking to cartridge long after the PS had already arrived with CD. Will the 3DS be another case of N64? it certainly looks like it.

      Remember that the original DS was very far behind in terms of horsepower when compared to the PSP, the DS also retained the cartridge format of its Game Boy predecessors. Yet, It is now the best selling handheld system, why? the amazing library of games available for the system.

      Long story short, the only thing holding back the 3DS at the moment is the lack of software. Once Nintendo patch that problem then it should take off.

      Also, The N64 is my favorite console, because of its games.

    Yeah nintendo, I remember a past console in sony's history that went through massive price drops and free game offers and then Just died. Dont let your shiny new console turn out like the PSP Go.

      Hardly the same thing. The PSPgo was a different design sold alongside the regular PSP and an experiment regarding the viability of download-only portables. Its failure was likely due to people being able to simply buy a PSP-3000 for a cheaper price if they wanted to play PSP games, and wouldn't have had much effect on the PSP brand overall. The 3DS, on the other hand, is an entire console and not simply an experiment. It's not like there's a cheaper version that plays the same games that people are buying instead - the 3DS is in trouble because the whole 3DS brand is in trouble.

      Regarding the redesign theory - I honestly think that could help as long as they made sure they put in the correct features. For starters, a better battery (although accessories like the Power Pak+ make that less necessary), and most importantly in my opinion, add head-tracking to the cameras so that the screen can change the '3D sweet spot' as you move around. I was playing a 3DS yesterday, and while I really liked the 3D effect, the viewing angle was really terrible and made the thing tiresome to play. If head-tracking had been included I would probably be buying one.

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