6.5 Minutes Of The Most Gorgeous Game You’ll See This Week

6.5 Minutes Of The Most Gorgeous Game You’ll See This Week

This is Journey, a downloadable game for the PlayStation 3 that is coming out this Australian spring, and it looks like a dream. The game’s creators at ThatGameCompany are running a beta for the Journey now, to test its quiet, anonymous multiplayer mode.

I played through the beta. It takes about a half-hour to get to the end of the beta’s three levels, though they lingered much longer in my mind. If you want nothing spoiled about this game, don’t watch. If you want a few glimpses – if you want to see beauty – settle in. I won’t try to explain what’s happening. You can figure it out, as I did. The discovery is the delight.



  • What a lot of people don’t get is thatgamecompany isn’t trying to make videogames as a form of art; it’s much more than that. The idea of storytelling in games and interactive experiences are slowly being redefined and the term videogame I believe may disappear. If you watch the progression of videogames, much has changed and much hasn’t; people still like to use ordinary convention such as high-score, menus etc… But the people who are making games like Flower and Journey are redefining what this medium can do. It’s outstanding.

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