A Closer Look At Breivik's Manifesto

Yesterday we wrote our own rebuttal to the knee jerk media reaction to news that Anders Behring Breivik played video games as a 'training simulation'. Now Nick Ross over at the ABC has taken the time to go through Breivik's manifesto, and makes some interesting points about his motivation, and his relationship to video games.

The upshot is that just ten minutes scanning the document shows that all mentions of games are completely incidental to the manifesto. In most cases he uses them as a pretence for spending ages on the computer, plotting. At worst he cites Modern Warfare 2 as a training aid for target practice - but this is a minescule reference embedded in an almanac of warfare. He mentions the rest in the context of taking a break from a hard day's plotting in much the same way that most gamers would take a break and unwind from work. I do that.

For people to leap upon the needle-like gaming references within the manifesto is to demonstrate a god-like myopia towards the haystack that enshrouds them.

If you have the time, we thoroughly recommend taking a look - well done to Nick Ross at the ABC for taking the time to really dissect what is essentially a rambling impenetrable mess of insanity, to provide real context to the idiocy of the mainstream media's attempt to drag video games into this mess of a debate.

The Oslo massacre and violent video games: The Facts [ABC]


    It still won't matter.
    It's like talking to a brick wall.

      What if you krogan headbutt the wall?

        Then it is used as evidence of our violent tendencies due to our gaming habits.

        It is very frustrating that all I want to do is slap these people for being so dumb but it would only end up hurting my argument.

          The media would probably credit your acute slapping skill to being exposed to Goldeneye on the N64 from an early age.

    But he mentions video games as target practice, and I think we all know that holding an XBox controller or clicking on something with a mouse is exactly the same as doing it in real life.

      He only recommends MW2 if you can't get to an actual rifle range. So even here, it's a secondary concern.

    Show it to the ACL, they might die from their common sense allergy.

    Any chance Nick would like to confront Jim Wallace about his misleading comments on a program like The Drum?

    The ACL needs to be directly confronted on their gross exploitation of a tragedy to try and push their agenda.

    That article is a solid deconstruction of the content of this disturbing document.

    It's worth pointing out once again that the MW2 "simulation" references are about multiplayer and nothing to do with the Russian Airport scene that is a central plank of the anti-games argument going on:
    "I see MW2 more as a part of my training-simulation than anything else. I've still learned to love it though and especially the multiplayer part is amazing. You can more or less completely simulate actual operations..."

    *Sigh* who am I kidding. We're preaching to the choir here. I doubt that anybody who believes the link is there will a) read our views or b) actually consider them objectively.

      "You can more or less completely simulate actual operations…"

      Except in MW2 multiplayer the other people get to shoot back. Important difference, that one.

        Thank heavens nobody introduced him to ArmA II

    this is the end of R18+ , the christian loby will instill fear in the electorate in an attempt to deflect criticism of the extreme right wing Christian views that motivated this murderer and blame Video Games. which are an easy target.

    When soldiers were asked why they spent so much time playing video games of warfare when they're in Afghanastan doing the real thing they laughed hystericaly. Afterwards they explained that the two are nothing alike.

    I'll take their testimony over third-hand arguments based on third-rate science that are comparable to flogging dead horses whose corpses are only dragged through the media time and again because the general populace doesn't know the actual facts.

    I read some of this last night. It's absolutely batsh*t crazy.

    Not just run-of-the-mill internet-commentator-right-wing-blog-evil-Muslims-crazy, but freaking insane.

    Knights Templar, feminists destroying society, going back to 1950s values, secular humanists working to facilitate Islamic colonisation of Europe... it goes on, and on, and on. For 1500 pages.

    It's a perverse sort of conservatism that doesn't just grumble about the modern world and changing social values, but actually sets out to restore what was normal 50, 100, 150 years ago.

    He has an entire section called "Re-creating the traditional patriarchal social structures". It's disturbing.

    Calling COD a murder simulator is like calling Super Mario Cart a Illegal drag race simulator

    If only anybody actually watched or read the ABC.

    It is indeed a good, sensible article but the fact remains that every time someone reads or draws someone else's attention to that 'manifesto', Breivik wins.

      I disagree, for the same reason I disagree that violent games make me violent. I can read, digest and interpret a text, even one as outlandish as 2083, without becoming complicit with its logic. That's the power of self-awareness and rationality that people like Wallace don't believe we have.

        I agree completely. It's ironic that the conservative Christian types talk about God's greatest gift to humanity being free will, but in the next breath they condemn the majority of the population for not only being incapable of independent thought, but by trying to take it away by telling everyone what they should and shouldn't be exposed to and lobbying to have it passed as law.

        My point is not that I feel people will be corrupted by it, I just think giving him the attention he wants is him winning.

    But but but...it was those evil video games that incited his agenda of taking down western nations that tolerate Islam!!!!


      Exactly. In the face of such a tragedy, you would think that anti-gamer groups would just STFU and realise that there are bigger issues, and the R18+ debate is something that should have been put to rest a long time ago, so that we can debate about more important things, like what actually WOULD drive someone this crazy.

        Well, no, that's exactly what mobs like the ACL DON'T want to happen. Because they know that when we start having that debate, the answer will be "religion" a lot more often than it will be "video games".

    Self-proclaimed, xenophobic, Islamophobic, militant conservative Christian and occasional gamer nutter goes on worst solo killing spree in recent history.

    Mass-media and media pundits ignore the "xenophobic, Islamophobic, conservative Christian" part of the nutter's manifesto and focus on militant and games, as well as ignore all relevant research and information regarding games not being murder simulators (nothing new there, we can ignore that point).

    Great, what do we have now? The emergence of a culture that equates all gamers, a crowd which one may have thought of as relatively progressive, if not an absolutely massive and politically diverse one, to massacre-planning nut-bars.

    Am I the only one who finds the circuitousness by which gaming got the blame for this horrible tragic event sickening?

    I originally wrote "funny", obviously not "Ha-Ha-Funny", but "Dark-Inappropriate-Gallows-Humour-Funny". I decided the revulsion option was more fitting, probably a lot less offensive too.

    Two things jump out at me:

    1) Gaming appeared to make him more human. Aside from the mention of MW2 as an aiming sim, all the mentions appear to be "I enjoyed these..", and he seems quite normal during these excepts. I haven't read the full thing, but I would be interested in how his mental state was during long periods without gaming.

    2) He has an amazing hold on the english language. He's six types of insane, yes, but he communicated that insanity in a clear and mostly concise manner, using actual english. You don't see that much any more. Clearly, using real english is also a factor in his insanity, and we should all talk like facebook.

    I've got to say, I dread the outcome of this. We all know gaming had nothing to do with this, but while everyone is focused on us, anyone who is likely to "help" him isn't being sought. He already spoke about games being used as cover; I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't some kind of self sacrifice for an organisation to operate in a safer media environment. It's the tower attack all over again.

    Fear not kotaku if games are being attacked for inspiring this attrocity we can now also get stuck into John Howard, Peter Costello and George Pell

    I am these people.

    He mentions he is more into RPG's like "Dragon Age Origins" than FPS

    After reading a lot of what he'd written in that linked article, well. I'd say his motivations were Religious (extremist, not saying religious people are all crazy), and gaming if anything "helped him get away" from his crazy and probably forestalled him doing anything stupid like he did for a lot longer. For the most part, gaming was nothing more than a "ruse" to cover nefarious activity and not something they were actually doing 99% of the time.

    As for "that mw2 level" I like that it never gets mentioned that you don't have to kill any civilians to complete the level. Not once has that EVER been said in the mass media. Just because some crazy religious person goes through killing people doesn't mean that's what gaming is about. ffs, these people totally don't get the point of gaming. They're afraid of what they don't understand and just need something to crusade against to make their insignificant lives mean something.

    ACL are the political trolls of the AFKworld, and nobody in Canberra has caught on yet.

    So if violent video games can have a subversive impact on those who play them, then surely the reverse is true. If violent kids are exposed to Disney movies then, by this logic, they should also be converted into becoming nice people? I don't see anything less inane about that concept that the crap these knee-jerk wankers are peddling in the wake of Norway. Pisses me off - it's not enough to murder innocent people, he has to help f**k up our Aussie R 18+ certificate for video games we've been waiting so long for? Not being glib, but just angry at how this is going to play out for normal, well adjusted people who deserve better. California shut down the idiots who tried to ban violent games (Schwarzenegger included!) Hope Breivik rots in hell for what he has done. Hideous human being.

    Guys, open your MIND. This was obviously a STAGED FALSE FLAG.

    For more info and evidence please visit http://www.infowars.com

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