A Collection Of Wiis Gathering Dust

A Collection Of Wiis Gathering Dust

As more and more seasoned gamers let their consoles fall by the wayside, the jingoism “my Wii is gathering dust” became common. These Wii controllers? They’ve literally gathered dust.

They’re part of a net feature on Wired examining the whens and whys people stopped using their Nintendo Wii, mostly from gamers who just never really found anything on the console to maintain their interest

“I was one of many who rushed out and stood in line for hours on launch day, and I haven’t touched my console in months.” said Wired reader Gregory Gay, accompanying a photo he sent into the website.

“It’s in the corner of my house that time forgot,” writes another Wired reader, Ben Jones. “The vinyl player upstairs gets more use.”

Sure, some might call this borderline trolling for a console that’s been the dominant force in this generation of home consoles, but the focus here is on those “core” (ungh, let’s find a better word than that, eh?) gamers who have left the system behind, not the kids and families who still get plenty of use out of them.

Wiijected: Readers’ Sad Pictures of Dusty Nintendo Controllers [Wired]


      • No, but if there’s nothing to report, why report fluff pieces?

        On topic, I still play my Wii, at least once a week. Got over 30 games for it, all of them top notch IMHO. Don’t know who these people are who ‘loose interest’. The range of different experiences on the Wii is staggering to say the least; you’ve got games like Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime, de Blob, Zack and Wiki, Mario Kart, Little King’s Story, Smash Bros…

  • Mine is gathering dust in my back room too. I played it for about 100hrs when I got it, and that was on MH3. There’s just not anything good out on it. There’s only ONE game that has good motion controls, and that’s No More Heroes. Everything else is just tacked on and lame, I’d rather press a button to spin in Mario Galaxy than have to shake the controller, same goes for rolling in DKCR.

  • Still don’t know what’s wrong with the word ‘core’. It instantly identifies who you are talking about.

    My wii has become so neglected, when I moved to Japan I left it with my parents in Australia. They sure as hell haven’t been playing it, which means it has not been touched in over six months. I’ll post some pics when I go back to visit next month.

  • Why are people so bitter about this? You buy an entertainment product, you use and enjoy it, then after a while you stop using it. This is normal.

    • My 360 sees just as much usage today as it did when I bought it 6 years ago. My PS2 and N64 were both consistently used throughout their lifetimes, too. There is definitely something about the Wii that just doesn’t last. It’s not really normal at all.

  • But I do agree with most of the comments being posted here – theres just no interested in the Wii for me anymore, and there hasn’t been for a LONG time. The last game i played to completion was no more heroes 2, before that, probably super mario galaxy 2. When I used to live in a share house, it saw a decent amount of use with smash bros, but now that I live alone I just didn’t see the point.

  • Mine gets just as much use as my 360. There are plenty of fun games on it with tonnes of replay value, you just gotta get off the “core gamer” high horse to enjoy them.

    • I know metacritic isn’t the be all and end all but the xbox 360 has about 250 80+ rated games where as the wii has less than 100 by comparison. The wii might have some good games but the amount is pretty anemic compared to ps3/xbox/pc so the fact they’re gathering dust is probably because of this.

      • Not really. The 360 and PS3 have more games because developers prefer the best and latest tech over anything else nowadays because that’s what the general audience wants.

        The PC range will always be larger because it’s PC, you can date the game catalogue back 30 odd years because of emulators so it’s a moot point.

        And if you check out the big names on 360/PS3 you’ll find that most of them get big scores for having fanciful graphics, physics and story.

        As for the Wii you’ll find that a lot of the games get marked down because of the graphics alone and that story/replay value and just general fun factor are ignored.

        The modern gamer is so spoilt with AAA titles that it’s like dealing with rich kid brats. Simplistic fun is not allowed as a major release on a console anymore because apparently it’s “not worth the money”. The obsession with massively long campaigns, fancy graphics/physics and movie-like stories has ruined gaming. I don’t deny those kind of games are great and have their place. I love ME, AC, Batman:AA, Bioshock and those of their ilk (hell I own the CE’s for a lot of those big titles) but what happened to the days where arcade style games were enough to keep people happy for hundreds of hours? Simple flimsy stories, simple graphics and game mechanics all for the sake of just having fun. It’s practically died in the arse and it’s a shame.

  • I maintain that people who think there’s nothing to play on Wii just aren’t looking hard enough. Avoiding all the shovelware trash around the place I’ve still managed to gather 70-80 odd games for it, surely non-crazy people could find at least a dozen of those that they like.

    • That’s the problem. A lot of the “core gamers” are crazy. Crazy arrogant that is. Games can only be simple, straightforward and fun if they’re indie games, handheld titles or on a smartphone it seems.

  • um, i still havent bought one yet. Not that ive been exactly itching to get it, more so that ive been too busy investing into recollecting my Nintendo 64, you know, when Nintendo was all about gameplay over technology advancements?

    • Not owning a Wii you must’ve missed out on Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, HotD: Overkill, Mario Kart Wii. SSB: Brawl and the countless other titles that are actually worthwhile regardless of the “technology advancements” aspect which funnily enough IS EXACTLY WHAT THE N64 WAS ALL ABOUT.

  • Got bored with my wii ages ago the most recent time I booted it up was for a week and a half when donky kong country returns came out.

    Also how about “enthusiast” to identify something beyond casual use.

  • I bought it launch day, stuck with it for a while, but it was using up an AV port on the TV that was better used by my trusty SNES.

    It’s now literally being used as a doorstop, and the only reason I haven’t flogged it off to a family member who is vaguely interested in giving it a crack for Wii Sports is because I’ve misplaced the box of games I had for it – they’re buried so deep in the wardrobe I’m expecting Mr Tummus to find em before I do.

    That said, I had fun with it (granted, mainly with the Gamecube backwards-compatibility, as I missed out on that one), and my only real regret is not curbing my enthusiasm and picking it up for half the price a few years down the track. I gave it a shot, but it was not for me. It *does* make a damn sturdy doorstop, though!

  • being a long time nintendo fan boy it was only natural i bought the wii, only to get bored in the first few months (twilight princess didnt even do it for me) ended up buying a 360 which lasted me longer but i then got rid of that too, bought the ps3 with minimal regret.. still miss the exclusive titles but the wii just isnt what it was cracked up to be. motion gimmick got boring quick.

  • Bought it at launch and played it loads for a few weeks. Got MP3, SMG1, and Mario Kart…..then I just stopped playing it. the problem being that I only have so much time for games these days and any time I have to spare I get a urge to play the 360 and not the Wii. It simply didn’t hold my interest over the 360……so I sold it off.

  • My Wii only gets brought out into the sunshine to play Smash Bros Brawl. And occasionally Twilight princess (GC version). And will be brought out once more to play skyward sword but im pretty sure that’s about it. Far cry from how much use my ds has gotten

  • Wii is the only console that i have grown bored with. Since getting a NES for my 5th birthday, i have not had a console that left me so unsatisfied.

    I would sell/trade if I could get more for it than the fuel it would cost to get to a store.

  • I rarely play my Wii over the last few years, & now that i know that Wii U is on the Way i play it even less. I have Steam on my PC, and buying as many games as possible during the sale, there will be more then enough great games to last me till next December when the Wii U comes out.

  • I’ve only just started using my Wii again after months of inactivity. But only to play a gamecube port of a n64 game haha (ocarina)

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