A Letter To Disgruntled Gamers

Operation Rainfall is, among other things, a letter-writing campaign hoping to bring Japanese Wii games like The Last Story, Pandora's Tower and Xenoblade to the US. Nintendo already politely declined on its Facebook page. That's not the only nice way it's saying no.

It's also responding to letters, writing things like, "I can see why you want to see games like Xenoblade, The Last Story or Pandora's Tower released here in the Americas, but at this time we have no new information to offer or announcements to make regarding these games."

Nintendo's snail letter reply also noted, "I realise this is disappointing, but your comments have been documented and made available for other departments here to use as they see fit. We appreciate hearing what our consumers find important."

Pretty much what Nintendo wrote on its Facebook page! It's also the same canned response Nintendo is using for its emails.

Still find it rather depressing that Nintendo seems to think it wouldn't be worth its effort to bring over at least one of these games for American players. Or at least ditch the canned response. Though, I guess there's only so many ways Nintendo can say no.

Nintendo response to snail-mail Operation Rainfall letters with...same canned response [GoNintendo via Dtoid]


    ....? The response is sufficient. It's entirely unrealistic to expect any company, including Nintendo, to give personalised responses every time they recieve a complaint when a standard response exists.

    Having to deal with complaints myself I know in my situation complaints are documented etc (they have to be!) but standard responses are issued most of the time as the alternative would be a logistical nightmare of wasted labour hours.

    Still waiting for Trauma team to be released in PAL despite New Blood and Second Opinion making it to release

    So where is their to response to that guys YouTube video where he actually used sales figures to show that these games are extremely likely to sell way more in the US than they would in Japan?

    Well, Australia is safe in that Xenoblade and Last Story are going to be released here (or at least Europe. Just waiting on Pandora's Tower, but either way, as Meatloafonce said "Two out of three ain't bad".

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