A Museum For Kick Ass Plastic

Over the weekend, famed model figure and kit maker Kaiyodo opened a its Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto in the city of Kochi.

The museum houses model kits and figures from yesteryear as well as newer ones. The museum houses the inevitable Ultraman and Neon Genesis Evangelion models; it also has more off-the-wall stuff like mummy figures.

There's info about Kaiyodo's history, too, and a corner where people can experience garage kits being made.

The museum has placards and bios for Kaiyodo's in-house sculptors. Bome, known for his collaborations with Takashi Murakami, gets a big banner that reads "beautiful young girl figure artist", which sums up Bome nicely!

Take a look at the museum. Pics courtesy of website Gigazine.

海洋堂の作品1万点以上が並ぶ「海洋堂ホビー館 四万十」オープン, ガレキやフィギュア約1万体で埋め尽くされた「海洋堂ホビー館四万十」内部 [GIGAZINE]


    holy crap thats awesome. That vocaloid figure looks unreal. Where can I get it!

    This is pretty much the quintissential Bashcraft article. More pictures of $500 PVC anime statues.

    ... One of them ...NSFW much?

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