A PS3 Controller Busted In Half


    I cant read Japanese, so this article is wasted. However, the MGS action figures down the page are of interest.

    Probably one of the cheap ones off eBay. my mate got one and threw it in the fireplace.

    I have a mate who bought SFIV on 360, and destroyed his controller in the first hour of playing it. Didn't chuck it, just twisted it in half until it popped - epic. He doesn't play Street Fighter anymore.

    A buddy of mine has broken not one, but TWO Playstation controllers during the course of the God of War series. All it took him was a bit of rage and a twist of the controller - funny thing is that in day to day life he's such a calm, happy & non-violent kinda guy!

    Can't tell you how many times I've almost done this with Gran Turismo 5 while trying to get gold in License and Special events...

    WTF, if I knew something like this could make news I would have sent mine in like 3 months ago when I busted one in half. Dammit!

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