Aussies At MLG and EVO: A Weekend Of Pro Gaming

As you may know, I'm a pretty huge fan of pro Halo: Reach, but this weekend is possibly one of the biggest weekends ever for pro gaming in general. We have MLG Anaheim for Starcraft II, Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops - and of course EVO is also kicking off this weekend with Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3. We have Australians competing at both events.

On Halo: Reach we have Team Immunity playing through the open backet at MLG Anaheim, and at EVO we have Thomas Body, pyroZeroX, EXC355UM, Heavy Weapons, Human Bomb and Toxy playing Street Fighter 4.

Good Luck to those guys and every other Australian taking part!

We have streams for both MLG Anaheim and EVO below.


Streaming Live by Ustream


    For those interested in the SC2 side of things, here's a schedule of who is playing when and on what stream.

    I'm watching SSF4 pools at EVO and then as soon as something pops up at MLG, switch focus. Fighting HuK!

      Awesome - thanks Trjn. Shameless Gaming. Bye bye!

        Shameless Gaming post-poned.

        Oh, who am I kidding.

        I had a EVO schedule the other day but I can't find it with Aussie times anymore.

    Anyone know the schedule in Australia time?

      That schedule I posted has Aussie times, just click the tab down the bottom to switch timezones.

    Anyone know how Toxy and Human Bomb did in SSF4AE?

    Watching now, we're on the cusp of top 32 and I don't think they're still in it.

    lol Halo: Reach "pro". It's just DMRs only. Which translate into pro Craps.

      Aw man - you're breaking my heart here! The Halo pro community is huge.

        I don't mean to sound rude here but many people from the Halo community agree that the DMR is too random to effectively judge skill between players. If it was fixed and balanced then I wouldn't have a problem with the pro community (except for the attitude many people have from it).

          Nah - I get you. I know! I was just joking.

          Personally I like the DMR, but I know that plenty of pro have issues with it!

      I was gonna call you an idiot, but I think the better word is uneducated.

      Do some research before you make a stupid call like that again and embarrass yourself.

        Done plenty of research. I know the DMR is currently broken and overpowered. Pretty much all headshot capable weapons are broken and unfair.

    I can't get into pro Halo or any other FPS because of the jerky player cam. Watching it is just headache-inducing.

    Anyone know if the EVO finals will be recorded and will be available for us to watch after?

    I think for us aussies the big games will be on during work hours :(

      You'll almost definitely be able to find it online sometime after things wrap up. Sites like iplaywinner are pretty good for that sort of thing, or you can check out Team Spooky's YouTube channel (or was it Justin TV?).

      There might be a few days between the finals and it being available though.

    OH GOD THAT EVO stream is so funny. y the hell are they talking about chicks having sex with a donkey in lol

    Don't Mortal Kombat at EVO. Oh wait, No Aussies there.....

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