Activision Seeks To Sieze Nettlesome Domain

It appears that Activision is fed up with the owner of The publisher filed a complaint with a dispute board seeking to sieze control of the domain, after noticing this week that it was redirecting visitors to Battlefield 3‘s official site.

Before that, had simply hosted anti-Call of Duty propaganda. When the redirect began, though, many who hadn’t seen the site thought Electronic Arts had one-upped its competitor by buying the name. EA quickly denied it had anything to do with it, and the stories surely gained Activision’s notice.

Since then the site has reverted to its original content. Evidently tired of the antagonism, Activision filed a complaint yesterday with the National Arbitration Forum, reports Fusible. A .pdf of the entire complaint is at the link.

It cost $US2,600 to file the dispute, Fusible notes; Activision wants the panel to “transfer the registration for the Domain Name” to it. As the owner of the site is unknown—it was registered through a proxy—the complaint is against the proxy registry itself.

Activision Files Complaint Over [Fusible]

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