Activision's Bringing A New James Bond Game To Comic-Con

Superhuman fare X-Men Destiny, Spider-man: Edge of Time and Prototype 2 will get special attention from publisher Activision at this month's San Diego Comic-Con. The mega-publisher has one reveal planned as well, teasing a "new 007 game" for the annual nerd gathering.

Activision offers no additional details in its Comic-Con event invite, but it wouldn't be a surprise if that James Bond title was the recently outed Goldeneye Reloaded, a game that may have been unofficially revealed via its domain registration.

The publisher brought James Bond 007: Blood Stone to San Diego last year, the Bizarre Creations game that hit later in the year.

So what is Goldeneye Reloaded? A higher-definition upgrade of the Goldeneye 007 released for Wii last year sounds like a good guess, but we'll know by Comic-Con.


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