Adios, Red Faction

Poor sales of Red Faction: Armageddon this year means the end of the franchise, publisher THQ said in a conference call today.

Brian Farrell, the THQ chief executive, told investors that "we do not intend to carry forward with that franchise in any meaningful way".

Volition, the studio developing the series, has now been reassigned to Guillermo del Toro's inSane game project, a survival horror game.

THQ Abandons Red Faction Franchise [Eurogamer]


    Talk about a good/bad sandwich.
    "We've decided to kill your beloved franchise, but as a consolation you get to collaborate with this amazing director on his new project!"

    Further proof that the US doesn't see Mark's fine articles.

      The AUS article was more Punny!

    Shame, i mean, they didnt really advertise the new one that well etc etc.
    it'd be cool for an old style red faction though, red faction 2 was pretty good.

    Played the demo - it would've been good if there wasn't as much going on at once - you're practically inundated with aliens and enemies shooting at you, it would've been good to explore the destroy/rebuild mechanics in a calmer environment before all hell breaks loose, the whole thing felt unfocussed to me.

    Also on Gamasutra one commenter mentioned that the lack of Competitive Multiplayer (which was in RF: Guerilla) put them off purchasing.

    I reckon it was the same with Bulletstorm, here's a game which looks like awesome brainless fun, but no Competitive modes? The mind boggles.

    Here's my tip - I don't think Rage (from id) will do well on consoles either. Unless they somehow nail good vehicular combat which has eluded every other video game since the dawn of time.

      Being that the demo is just a taste of the whole experience, I think it's unfair to judge the whle thing on the contents of the demo.

      I fully intended to buy it, but I just had no cash at the time or games that I wanted to play more. I'll pick it up and finish it at some stage, just like all the other Red Faction games - what a shame that they're dropping the franchine....

    If there's no money, there's no meaning.

    I haven't enjoyed a Red Faction since the first one.

    Mark wins the international TITLE bout!

    I for one am deeply saddened by this news. I loved Guerrilla, and had a ball with Armageddon too (even though the game was dull for the first hour or so, it really picked up in the further stages). Red Faction, you shall be missed!

    I was pretty let down when I bought this game and go home to find out it wasnt freeroam like the previous one, but it was still a good game i was just wanting to destroy things alone without being attacked by some fools

    Good job THQ. Guerilla was amazing and you guys just plain old fucked the dog by completely discarding everything good about it in the sequel.

      Exactly what everyone outside of that man's boardroom was thinking. :-P

      I swear sometimes I feel like Monkeys should take over the world just so we could get some slightly better decision-makers into the mix.

    I am not surprised, they should have kept it to the original formula. And got rid of the horrible camera angle

    Brian Farrell, the THQ chief executive, told investors that “we do not intend to carry forward with that franchise in any meaningful way”.

    They were carrying on with it in a meaningful way to begin with?

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