All Mass Effect Comics Are Free Until Tomorrow Afternoon

Dark Horse is offering all of its Mass Effect comics for free, over the web, for the next 24 hours, a promotional move for both an upcoming Dark Horse Mass Effect series and surely tied to a panel at next week's San Diego Comic-Con.

The promotion ends tomorrow at 3 p.m. EDT. The problem is, since the announcement, a flood of interest initially brought down the Dark Horse store and, while it is back up as of publication time, you may encounter some slowing, so be patient.

In October, Dark Horse will deliver Mass Effect: Invasion

Mass Effect [Dark Horse Digital Store; via The Escapist, thanks dracosummoner]


    Yeah crashed on me thismorning, ill just grab the files from the Extranet.

    Both Dark Horse's servers and iOS app are crashing at the moment due to most of the population of the earth going DUDE IMMA GET MA FREE COMICS UP IN HERE. Might want to wait a while. Dark Horse themselves have said they can't even get the app to work right.

    Dark Horse website crashes under DDoS attack from Mass Effect fans, digital comic enthusiasts and free stuff hunters.

    is down :(

    Well, looks like the servers will probably be down for the duration of the deal. Probably part of the plan anyway.

    Sheer Brilliance.

    This way they can give a bunch of free stuff away that nobody can get because the servers keep crashing!

    Ha, I pirated these ages ago.

    Ironically, the illegal torrent trackers are working perfectly and have been for months.

    Hang on, the site says mass effect 24 hour giveaway and then says the price of just under 6 bucks. Certainly cheap but not exactly free

      You need to download the Dark Horse app to get access to the free comics

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