Analysts Halve Expectations For Duke Nukem Forever Sales

In the past couple of years, Take Two has been one of the most successful publishers, and despite lacklustre reviews and poor word of mouth, Duke Nukem Forever, we suspect, has still sold well. But according to analyst firm Wedbush Morgan, it may not have sold anywhere close to what was initially expected.

Initially Wedbush Morgan had put sales estimates at three million, now they expect that number to be closer to 1.5 million.

It's not all bad news for Take Two, however, since it appears that initial estimates for L.A. Noire sales may have been low.

Take Two Estimates Lowered After Disappointing Duke Sales [Gamasutra]


    1.5 million more sales than the game deserved.

      Dude, there was nothing wrong with DNF... unfortunatley it just suffered from 15 years of expectations. With a patch from Gearbox and an open SDK for the modders, this game would be great.

      Although those that bought it on console got majorly raped out of their money.

        Also, some of the buggiest and terrible looking games have been given an entirely new perspective by the modding community, like Oblivion and Myst.

        I just bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R on today's steam deal, and that has a complete overhaul mod which makes the game look pretty damn sweet, and fixes all the leftover bugs.

        I wouldn't go so far as to say there was nothing wrong with it, but I agree that it's getting a worse rap than it deserves. I was a fun game overall.

        There are plenty of wrong with DNF, despite a non-existent 15 year development time. From what I've seen it's actually the people who were expecting a 15 year developed game that enjoyed it.

          Exactly, it's called lowering your expectations. Everyone thought it was going to be the new generation of FPS games. It was never going to be that.

          As I said, all the game needs is a patch and mod tools, and it would actually be quite epic.

            Yeah, I had lowered expectations because I knew it was only in development for 1-2 years, not 15. Even if I had no interest for the game (for reasons similar to Micheal Jackson) I was hoping it would get decent reviews and feedback, feeling sad for the people that honestly believed it would contain 15 years of gaming. But I never expected the final result.

            The majority of reviews I've seen have said it's a rushed, mediocre game. Implying it's only worth about 40-50% of its full price.

              The only problem with them saying it's "rushed", is that it underscores my point that most reviewers are LIARS and looking for false negatives while parroting other reviewers on the lets-hate-DNF bandwagon. Think about it for a second. How can a game that took 15 years be rushed? DING DING DING. Yep, that's right. they did NOT think about it before writing that in their reviews. Again, DNF was ruined or given a lower score due to these 1/2 wits.

          There are plenty of wrong with your sentence too buddy


        Agreed, I'm in the middle of it at the moment and it's not nearly as terrible as people make it out to be... but everybody was always going to bash it regardless of how good it actually is, because that's the cool thing to do.

      @ben, you are one of the over exaggerators that forums could do without. I'll bet anything you follow the herd of sheep daily. And of course you are one of the early comments, because it took pretty much no thought to write what you did.

    I wonder what their break even point was.

      I'm willing to bet it wasn't very high.
      They bought it for a song in the fire sale that was 3D-Realms, and Pitchford has said it was pretty much complete when they got it.

    I'd love to be an analyst. Get paid good money to make some guesses. You don't even have to get any of them right.

    Paid $100AUD and waited ~15 years for a buggy game that keeps crashing. I can't get more than 10mins into it before it freezes and I have to reset the machine. Biggest disappointment EVER.

      If you paid $100AUD for the game then that is YOUR fault

        Agreed, I paid $35 for it and I was actually quite satisfied with that price.

      Instead of assuming the game, which runs perfectly on other machines, is "buggy", fix your hardware! It's your machine that is screwed up. Check your memory, do diagnostics and maybe re-install. Think about this. Every, and I do mean EVERY game I have ever had that ran perfectly, has someone like you saying it's buggy and crashing due to a problem with their computer.

    ...regardless of how it sold, it's been given a way worse time than it deserved and all because expectations were so high

    90% of what's reported "wrong" with the game is nothing more than babble from under 30 idiots who always think they are smarter than everyone else, and are yet to mature in life. Do you know why people keep saying it got a worse rap than it deserved? Because that's exactly what happened. And why did that happen? Because after 15 years of hype, hype mostly from outside the company, people then expected it could never live up to that hype. And of course it couldn't be THE best game ever made and this and that. And who is immature enough to think it should? Well, it wasn't older people, I can tell you that. It was younger ones. Usually 15 to 30. The next generation that were either in diapers or very little kids when the original came out. YES, I'm right. People that are usually a bit immature are in this range. And just guess what age range makes up most of the gamers, bloggers and reviews today? DING DING DING. Yes, the same ones that would tend to be call of duty fans, and other games that have been popular for the last 8 or 9 years.

    They see there is a chance it might get bashed because it can't live up to this hype, so what to do they do? Exploit that fact to get more youtube and news views. Watch the most negative, unrealistic, over exaggerated youtube reviews of DNF and you will find douchebags in their young 20's with gaming channels trying to rake in the views by pissing on the game. And what do the 15 year olds under them do? Like Sheep, Baaa, Baaaa, BAAAA! they copy them.

    If a fish gets a little cut in the ocean do the sharks not pop up and tear that fish apart? Same thing. And then everyone thinks, "Oh, goodie, a game to bash". But then it gets worse. Some of the more sophisticated tubers try use clever tactics to make the game seem far worse than it is.

    Then we have people talking about it's graphics not being up par which isn't true, and along with this, imbeciles who THINK and IMAGINE that the graphics look old because someone told them the game was started in 1997. I kid you not. The truth is the graphics were no older than a game you'd expect from 2008, or 2009 on average. And for proof, the game engine was used in many titles in 2011 where people had no complaints.

    Was it the best graphics? No, but the monsters were highly detailed and full of polygons and it was very reasonably good graphics for 2011. And what's this complete BS about the game play not resembling call of duty and a couple of other shooters? Had they cloned those games, they would have gotten bashed for being copycats. When you are in DNF, you are given the guns that go with THAT game, not the guns for call of effen duty!

    But guess what? I found out that if I'm on Amazon reviews and any review that doesn't talk very highly of call of duty usually gets bashed and people vote it as "not helpful". Again, proving that what's really going on is jealous little, insecure KIDS are afraid that somehow Duke Nukem Forever could perhaps rival their precious COD game. So they want to beat it down. And don't tell me there's none of that going on. Anyone who reads a lot of forums can see it.

    YES, I can see some of the valid short comings in DNF, like being very linear, and closing off sections of the game. Or making it difficult to load and save etc. Or not allowing you to visit enough of the city at a time when it could have been more like Grand Theft Auto. I can admit to those negatives. But those negatives shouldn't have driven the game down to the center, or bowels of the earth in ratings. The only thing that drove that down were KIDS, and young twenty something jerks with youtube channels that figured that DNF must be a game for their parents and they wanted to hated on it, or jump on the bandwagon of hating on it for views, popularity etc. Maybe my point is too verbose, or maybe some don't believe it. But again, look around, open your eyes. People keep admitting that it was over bashed and under rated. It oblivious was. The game should have recived a solid 8.5. Not a 4.5. And maybe 9, 9.5 could be reserved for some even better game.

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