Are These Dark Souls Screens Hard Enough For You?

Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to tough-as-nails Demon's Souls, looks to be wonderfully difficult game—if not more difficult.

Set in a dark fantasy world, the game's got dudes in armour and griefing! What else do you need?

Developed by From Software of Armored Core fame, Dark Souls will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 this fall.

Be sure to read Kotaku's impressions of the game.


    That second last thing looks terrifying. I can't wait to fight it!

    ooooooo, lush...


    Xbox 360? Wonderful! I always wanted to play Demon's Souls but don't have the money or need to purchase a PS3. This is a must buy for me.

    Looking forward to this game so so much! It looks like the Binded Cross armor set is making a reappearance in the Dark Souls along with the firestorm spell. TBH I hope they don't make to many changes I would be happy with more of the same, particularly if it's a lot more. I still haven't decided which system I will get it on yet.

    soo many games coming out in november/october arghhh

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