Arkham City’s Two-Face Isn’t Half Bad Once You Get To Know Him

Arkham City’s Two-Face Isn’t Half Bad Once You Get To Know Him

Once upon a time district attorney Harvey Dent was an unwavering force of justice in Gotham City, but that’s nothing a face-full of acid couldn’t cure. Read all about Mr Dent in his official bio from Batman: Arkham City.

Being a comic book and video game fan, I often take for granted the fact that not everyone immediately recognises the name Harvey Dent upon first glance, even after the duplicitous psychopath appeared in not one but two big budget Batman movies.

DC Entertainment takes nothing for granted, however, which is why we’ve got a nifty official bio for Two-Face and a sexy piece of black, white, and red all-over art. Enjoy!



Real Name: Harvey Dent Alias: TWO-FACE Occupation: Professional Criminal Base: Gotham City Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown/Grey Height: 6ft (183cm) Weight: 182lb (83kg) First Appearance: Detective Comics #66 (August 1942)

• Attribute 01: Hideously scarred on the left half of his face, which he plays up with clothing that’s differently styled on one side • Attribute 02: Extremely skilled with his weapons of choice: twin .45 automatics • Attribute 03: Psychotic obsession with duality, designing crimes around the number two • Attribute 04: Defers to his half-scarred coin in choices of life or death

Background Story: District Attorney Harvey Dent was one of Batman’s strongest allies in Gotham City, until a criminal threw acid in Dent’s face, hideously scarring him. The wounds fractured his psyche, and he was reborn Two-Face, a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with duality. His former good-luck charm, a “two-headed” trick silver dollar, was damaged on one side in the attack, and Dent has seized on it as a reflection of his half-scarred visage. He flips it to decide the fates of his victims. Two-Face is thriving in Arkham City, rallying inmates to join his gang using tried and true campaign tactics.


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